Auburn Basketball – A True Enthusiastic And Energetic Team

Auburn Basketball

The Auburn Basketball team is a team of boys and girls who play on behalf of Auburn University; hence, it is an intercollegiate men’s basketball program. The team is known as the Tigers. They play under the Southeastern Conference in Division I of the NCAA – National Collegiate Athletic Association. The stadium they play in is Neville Arena – 9121 seated multipurpose arena on the Auburn campus. The team started playing under the NCAA in 1906 and is serving on its campus even today under the coaching of Bruce Pearl.

The team has won two SEC tournament championships and five Conference regular championships. The Auburn team has played in the NCAA tournament about 12 times and reached the semifinals in 2019. The thirteen players of Auburn Basketball were named All-Americans, and many organizations voted these players “The Best” players in the world.

Until now, All-Americans have been selected 98 times for Southeastern Championship Tournaments. The proud moment for Auburn University is that the university has separated about 35 NBA drafts. These drafts are for choosing the players for the next tournaments based on their abilities and athletic energies. Moreover, Jabari Smith has been selected three times until now, which is a record for Auburn Basketball.

Players of Auburn Basketball

Players of Auburn Basketball

Dating back to its early history, two players of Auburn Basketball were announced as the SEC Player of the Year. The one is Charles Barkley (1984), and the other is Chris Porter (1999). Talking about today’s players, it is hard to tell about the players due to constant staff turnover. NBA has been announcing the shortage decisions, the transfer of players, and reselecting the seniors due to their eligibility for the last three weeks, so these weeks were so busy.
Irrespective of a great mess, there is a list of arriving and departing players in the team. Here is a brief overview of some obvious categories below:

Departed or Expected to Depart

These players are in the draft list of the NBA in which two types of layers are included – the seniors who have no plan to play and the seniors who are ready to be transferred to any other level or team. Here is the list of these players below:

  • Wendell Green Jr. (13.7 PPG)
  • Allen Flanigan (10.1 PPG)
  • Zep Jasper (2.8 PPG)
  • Yohan Traore (2.1 PPG)
  • Chance Westry (2.5 PPG)
  • Lior Berman (2.2 PPG)
  • Babatunde Akingbola (0.3 PPG)

In Limbo

This category includes those players whose future is quite uncertain, and there is currently no player under this category.

Expected to Return

This category involves the players who are ready to return to the university and, hence, will play on behalf of their school. The list of these players is as follows:

  • Jaylin Williams (11.2 PPG)
  • John Broome (14.2 PPG)
  • Dylan Cardwell (3.7 PPG)
  • K.D. Johnson (8.9 PPG)
  • Chris Moore (3.5 PPG)
  • The Donaldson (2.5 PPG)


It includes the players who are new to playing on behalf of their university, and others may include those players who face transfers and will play under this category. These players are as follows:

  • Aden Holloway (No. 16 in ESPN 100)
  • Denver Jones (20.1 PPG at FIU)
  • Chaney Johnson (15.9 PPG at Alabama-Huntsville)
  • Chad Baker-Mazara (JC)
  • Addarin Scott (JC)

Coaches of Auburn Basketball Team

Coaches of Auburn Basketball Team

Auburn has selected about twenty coaches so far and got about eight times the title of “SEC Coach of the Year.” Moreover, in 1999, multiple organizations announced Cliff Ellis as the National Coach of the Year. The other former coaches are Mike Donahue, Ralph Jordan, Joel Eaves, Sonny Smith, and Cliff Ellis, and the current one is Bruce Pearl.

In addition to Cliff Ellis got the National Coach of the Year award, Joel Eaves, Bob Davis, Sonny Smith, Tommy Joe Eagles, Cliff Ellis, and Bruce Pearl have owned the title of “SEC Coach of the year”. Moreover, Joel Eaves and Sonny Smith were brought to the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame.

Auburn Women’s Basketball

Like Men’s Basketball, Auburn Women’s basketball also represents Auburn University. The players are named as “Tigers.” the team has won four SEC tournaments and five regular season championships of SEC. The players have represented their team in the NCAA tournament 21 times and won the championship three times back-to-back, 1988, 1989, and 1990.

Moreover, the WNBA has selected Auburn for its draft eight times and picked DeWanna Bonner five times, which created history for Auburn. Vickie Orr (1988), Carolyn Jones (1990 & 1991), Lauretta Freeman (1993), and DeWanna Bonner (2009) have got the title of “SEC Player of the Year.” Also, Joe Ciampi and Nell Fortner are the former head coaches of the team and have won the “National Coach of the Year” award three times and got five times the title of “SEC Coach of the Year.”

Players of Auburn Women’s Basketball

Players of Auburn Women's Basketball
Players of Auburn Women’s Basketball

There are almost fifteen players in the Women’s Basketball team. Kaitlyn Duhon, Sydney Shaw, Mar’shaun Bostic, Kionna Gaines, Honesty Scott-Grayson, Carsen McFadden, McKenna Eddings, JaMya Mingo-Young, and Audia Young acts as “Guard” in the team. Yakiya Milton, Celia Sumbane, and Taylin Collins play as “Forward.” Timya Thurman, Savannah Scott, and Oyindamola Akinbolawa are the “Centre Players.”

Auburn Traditions

The key traditions of Auburn University are passion and spirit. You cannot find any game with long-lasting traditions other than Auburn’s. The nickname comes from a line in “The Deserted Village.” The members yell, “We are the tigers” & “War Eagle.” Aubie, the tiger, has been an official symbol of both men’s and women’s teams since day one of their matches in 1892.

Moreover, the Auburn men’s Basketball uniform has been changing in most of the eras of Coaches. But now, in 2023, the new attire has a slight nod to an earlier time for the last four years. Under Armour has designed the new attire with the fusion of the Charles Barkley era and Auburn’s branding. There are three sets of uniforms: home white, road navy, and alternate orange.

In conclusion, the men’s and women’s Basketball teams have served Auburn University for many years. Both teams are known for their fast-paced and high-scoring style of play. These two things make the match thrilling to watch. Moreover, the coaches’ and players’ hard work and dedication make the team successful. So, watch for Auburn basketball – they are a team to watch!