Coin Pusher Tactics: Strategies for Success

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Coin Pusher, also known as a penny pusher, is an arcade game where you aim to win prizes like coins or other goodies. Your goal is to push these prizes off the playfield and into a playout slot. You do it strategically! A moving mechanism keeps pushing the coins towards the slot, so you’ve got to time your moves just right to win big!

Discover the secrets to achieving big success! Dive into this comprehensive guide where we explore every aspect of the coin pusher game, from its history and mechanics to winning tactics and more. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

Origin and History of Coin Pusher

In 1964, Alfred Crompton Ltd introduced the first recognizable coin pusher game, Penny Falls. It had a large playfield divided into 12 sections, allowing up to 12 players to play at once. Players would insert coins through a channel, trying to push coins off the playfield to win. The machine had a trough on the side to collect the pushed coins.

Later coin pusher machines replaced the side-to-side movement with a “toward/away” motion. Most machines became two-tiered, with a moving playfield pushing coins onto a stationary lower playfield. Eventually, the moving playfield would push the coins off the edge. Coin pusher machines often have small gaps at the sides where coins can fall, which becomes the operator’s profit.

In the mid-2010s, the arcades shifted from physical to digital tokens, and coin pusher machines in the U.S. also evolved. Instead of players adding coins from the top, these machines now use a hopper and elevator system. Coins are moved from the bottom to the top and then dropped when players press a button.

General Mechanism of Coin Pusher Game

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Now, get ready to dive into the exciting world of the coin pusher game! Imagine a physical playfield filled with shiny coins moving back and forth before your eyes. There is a barricade on one end, and on the other, an overhang awaits. As the playfield slides towards the barricade, part of it slips, poking all the coins towards the overhang. Your mission? Drop your coins strategically onto the playfield, pushing other coins off the overhang.

But that’s not all! There is a playout slot beneath the final overhang. Any coins that can break off the edge from your prize. Keep an eye out for larger prizes riding on top of the coins. If these coins fall into the playout slot, they’re yours!

Tips and Tricks to Win the Game

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Now, you are ready to take a chance, unleash your skills, and scoop up some thrilling wins in the game – coin pusher. But still, you have learnt only the mechanism. The real thing has come now! Let’s take some tips to be a big winner of the game. These tactics are below:

Collect Your Pennies First

Most arcades featuring penny pusher machines have cash exchange stations where you can swap larger bills for pennies. You can also start collecting loose pennies from around your house before heading to the arcade. It’s standard to misplace pennies. If you ever lose them, try finding them around the machine.

Choose Your Game Plan Wisely

Are you aiming to pocket extra cash or eyeing those enticing toy cars waiting to be won inside the machine? If you want to make money, remember that your chances of hitting the jackpot are low, even if you play smart. Always select a machine with a heap of coins jiggling on the edge, ready to tumble down.

Once you’ve collected your winnings, move on to the next machine. Be careful not to get too hooked; starting with one coin could lead to putting in more, and things could spiral out of control before you realize it. On the other hand, if you are after prizes, select machines where prizes are positioned right at the edge and in the centre.

Look for the Machine

Look for where coins can pile up on the top and bottom layers. Go for a smaller and narrower one over a wider one. Smaller machines need fewer coins to win prizes. Also, remember to check the arrangement of coins on the bottom layer. If the coins are stuck in the machine, go for another machine.

Testing the Machine

It is good to check all the machines before starting to play. Check if the slots are working correctly by putting two to three pennies.

Hence, a keen eye, strategic thinking, and a bit of luck are all that you need to be a master in the coin pusher. The following tactics can elevate your chances of success:

  • Carefully select the machine
  • Understand their payout patterns
  • Adjust your approach based on the situation

So keep these strategies in mind, have fun, and may the coins fall in your favour!