Hand Tattoo – Design Ideas and Their Meaning

Hand Tattoo

Tattoos have been trending for many years and grabbing the attention of many people – men and women, youngsters, and teenagers. The main point is getting a tattoo in the right place on your body. Each art and design can not properly sit on any part of the body. You can’t waste your money and time making tattoos in the wrong place. With the increasing and demanding popularity of tattoos, hand tattoo has become very common.

Hand tattoo can be your all-time favorite spot if you want it to be visible. You can use your fingers, palms, or even a slight portion of your hand to have a tattoo. There are plenty of options regarding their size as well as design. You can have a small tattoo on your hand, between your fingers, or spread it around the whole hand to be visible to everyone. But!

Hand tattoos are difficult to heal because of the daily use of hands. Moreover, tattoo artists also prefer something other than hands to design a tattoo because of the irregular surface of the hand and uneven bone structure. But still, people like to have tattoos because many celebrities inspire them. Rihana’s index finger tattoo has also been everyone’s favorite so far! Read more to pick tiny details of hand tattoos.

Things That Are Necessary While Deciding On A Hand Tattoo

The hand is a very sensitive part to be selected as a spot for a tattoo. So, always make sure first about the expert tattoo artist, make up your mind, and gather the courage to bear all that pain. Moreover, do not hustle into the first salon you visit; always make more than one visits to check their work and costs. Also, planning how to manage your other work after getting a hand tattoo is very important.

If you are an employee or a student, you should keep in mind that the healing process of hand tattoos is quite slow. So, taking off from your respective place can happen after getting a tattoo. It is important because a lack of aftercare can increase the chance of infection and pain.

Moreover, remember to trial run with the help of henna before directly getting a tattoo; it’s a risk-free approach to determine your choice and the exact spot. Floral patterns are getting popular that are delicate and distinctive and may hold personal value for you. You can also try water-based experiments instead of henna trials, giving you a good idea of your concept and the perfect location for your design.

Design Ideas for Hand Tattoo

Design Ideas for Hand Tattoo

There are endless options when you pick a design for a hand tattoo. You can choose traditional or vintage patterns like sparrows, small butterflies, and paintings. Dots and waves can also be another option that generates movement effects. These types of tattoos are incredibly artistic, conveying some spiritual meaning.

In addition, you can also go for simple tattoos for your fingers. Wedding rings, some special words from your partner, and emotions may seem little but can impress your partner very well. Irrespective of its popularity, these finger tattoos can be challenging to draw. Finger tattoos’ best location is the fingertips if you are a working woman/man and don’t want your tattoo to wash away whenever you wash your hands. However, there are many other options of designs for having a hand tattoo, as follows:

Skull Hand Tattoo

Skull Hand Tattoo

Skull has been seen as the common type of symbolism in both cultures and the world of permanent ink. Some people choose the skull tattoo for their hands as “the celebration of life,” while others take it as the symbol of death, rebellion, and life after death. Skull patterns can sit on any part of your body, but some folks like to have it on their hands.

This design is popular due to its aesthetic vibe for teenagers. Several skull patterns include sugar skulls, skulls and roses, Grim Reaper tattoos, and human skulls. Each design conveys a different meaning. The skull with a clock means time; however, the skull with the Grim Reaper implies death. The 3D setting of the skull tattoo is the best in making it look appreciable and impressive.

Praying Hands Tattoo

Praying Hands Tattoo

For many people, the tattoo of prayer hands is a powerful representation of their dedication to God and their beliefs. It has evolved into a symbol of love and faith. Christians join their hands while praying, and this has become the hand tattoo design for so many people.

Rose Hand Tattoo

Rose Hand Tattoo

Rose tattoos have a quite an interesting history. In the Middle East, soldiers got this rose tattoo on their hands while remembering their loved ones in homes waiting for them. This trend then came in Europe, gaining popularity among working men and women. Sailors also started getting this tattoo to hope for the best for receiving their loved ones back after sending them on a long journey.

But now, it has been demanding because of negative and positive aspects. This symbol also symbolizes criminals, and on the other hand, many couples love to have this tattoo just to show their devotion to each other. Their tattoos come in various colors, so you are not bound to have one in black or red only. You can choose any color to show the different meanings of rose hand tattoos.

Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Butterfly hand tattoo can be your option for a perfect hand tattoo. It shows the meaning of independence, kindness, and transformation. It also comes in several different patterns and colors. You can have the tattoo in black or in any other color. It can be small in size, and you can get more than one on your whole arm or on the side of the upper portion of your hand. Whatever size, color, or pattern you choose always makes you look good.

Joker Hand Tattoo

Joker Hand Tattoo

Joker hand tattoo is also gaining much more popularity. The iconic smile of the Joker is taking place on the hands of many people. The symbol shows the smile only, but everyone knows there is a mountain of emotions behind this Joker’s smile that he hides to please everyone. So, people also prefer it to show that we shouldn’t take life seriously and enjoy all its aspects.

Hamsa Hand Tattoo

People consider getting a hamsa tattoo on their hands as the symbol of luck, fortune, and health. It is the hand of God, which people use as the symbol of blessings. The artwork was popular in the civilizations of Mesopotamia and Phoenicia. People also believe they get protection from evil eyes and negative vibes when they have this tattoo on their hands.

Medusa Hand Tattoo

Medusa Tattoo has a lot of meanings to convey. It means facing and overcoming physical violence and is a symbol of survival and strength. Hence, it is the most common women hand tattoo who suffer from harassment by men. Its Greek Mythology, snakes, and aesthetic pattern make it popular and demanding.

Eye Tattoo on Hand

This tattoo is also against evil eyes and negative vibes. People are superstitious about having this eye tattoo, and the fun fact is that people practically consider it to be working to protect them from many evil eyes. Some people get fed up with continuous bad luck in their career or love, so they have permanent “evil eyes off’ tattoos.

Eye-hand tattoos have many colors, like blue, purple, green, and more. Blue eyes on hands mean peace, comfort, knowledge, and wisdom. Purple eyes symbolize strength, while green eyes show energy to heal. If you believe in this tattoo’s power, then go for it!

Mandala Hand Tattoo

Mandala means eternity, perfection, and balance. For being focused, it is used in Hindu prayer rooms. Buddhism religions use the Mandala to connect the body and soul. Moreover, Christians have embellished mandalas in their churches. There are many patterns of Mandala artwork like half Mandala tattoos, shoulder Mandala tattoos, fade-out Mandala tattoos, dotwork Mandala tattoos, and Face Mandala tattoos. So, it’s up to you which is your next choice of hand tattoo.

Wolf Hand Tattoo

This tattoo means strength, love, determination, and loyalty. This mesmerizing wolf hand tattoo emerges as each person’s energy sign. So, people like to have permanent wolves on their hands. It can sit well on hands, arms, and any other body part.

Celebrities Hand Tattoos

Many viewers and supporters of several celebrities appreciate their even tiny details. Their fans crave whatever they wear. So, the tattoo designs are also one of them. Many pop stars and Hollywood icons are successful in making their career as well as inspiring their fans. Here is some detail regarding the hand tattoo ideas of some celebrities below:

Angelina Jolie’s Hand Tattoo

Tattoos and Angelina Jolie is the new combo that her fans are discussing worldwide. The Hollywood Icon – Angelina Jolie has dozens of tattoos over her body. These may include the Bengal Tiger at her lower back, several scripts, numerous other symbols, and the location of the birthplaces of her children over her arm. Angelina Jolie’s most recent tattoo is the one causing a stir online.

A tattoo artist from New York – Mr. K made the recent tattoo of her, and he revealed the tattoo after some fuss. He told his work to the public, which shows the skinny swords with a geometric pattern in the inner portion of her middle fingers. Hence, this revealing pattern and the design inspired many people, especially tattoo enthusiasts. And people started rushing towards having one like that on their fingers. So, this can also be your choice if you want a hand tattoo in the upcoming days.

Rihanna Hand Tattoo

Rihanna’s tattoos have always been so gorgeous! In New Zealand, she got her recent tribal Maori tattoo, but she was not satisfied with the design. So, she made a lovely mandala pattern that covered her entire forehand and wrist to change things up. This abstract design is an inspiration of Indian Henna design, which expresses a lot about the artist’s creativity. The design also closely resembles Rihanna’s unique taste. Hence, this is how it gained popularity.

Ariana Grande’s Hand Tattoo

Pop artist – Ariana Grande got a fresh new tattoo on the palm of her hands in honor of her most recent hit song, “7 Rings.” This tattoo pays tribute to the music video as well as the theme. The tattoo is in Japanese “七輪,” and her Japanese fans promptly noted the tattoo. It says “BBQ Grill.” You can imagine the extent of popularity of this symbol from the fact that even Amazon is selling it in the form of jewelry to her fans.

So, hand tattoos have a huge diversity. You will get confused while deciding on the one option among many. But keep in mind that the skin on your hands and fingers is very delicate and thin. So, it may hurt while you are having a hand tattoo. Due to the sensitivity, the pain level of hand tattoos is 10. So, always choose a perfect design as it is quite challenging to remove one if you don’t like it, and you’ll have to face double pain and double waste of money.