Highland Park Chicago – a Large City in Illinois With Endless Options

Highland Park

In the Lake County’s Southeastern part, Illinois, the city of Highland Park lies. It is 25 miles away from north of Chicago. According to a 2020 survey, its population was thirty thousand. Many municipalities in the North Shore of Chicago and Highland Park are one of them. The trees on both sides of the street, the series of beaches, and the best business place make Highland quite distinctive from other cities in the United States.

There are plenty of things you can enjoy, in the central business district, you’ll find several shops & restaurants. You can enjoy many Ravinia Festivals and events throughout summer in the Ravinia District. Highland Park is famous for its peaceful nature, cooperative people, many cultural and environmental affairs, historic & outstanding architecture, and huge spirit of people. Hence, it is a go-to place that should always be noticed!

Highland Park is famous for having a strong community. Due to this reason, many local businesses are still part of this vibrant city despite many recent developments. You can feel an antique main street vibe while walking across several streets of North Figueroa. Moreover, about ten parks in the city remain busy all the time. The parks also contribute to the hustle and bustle around the city.

History and Origin of Highland Chicago

History and Origin of Highland Chicago

In 1847, two German immigrants announced the presence of a town along Lake Michigan, and they called the city street John’s. But soon, the questions about the town’s ownership started rising, and the city was emptied. In the south of St. John’s, another German Immigrant founded another area named Port Clinton. Soon, it also stopped growing. After many years of discovery of Port Clinton in 1867, ten people purchased a land called Highland Park for $39,198.70.

The Building company expanded the city to several farms and forests. After two years, it was officially announced as a city in 1869. At that time, the total population was 500. Another fun fact about Highland is that it evolved from the two colonies of St. John’s and Port Clinton.

Walter S. Gurnee suggested this name – Highland Park, due to its parklike surroundings at a height concerning the lake. Here, the living is quite cheap. It expanded so vast that soon, it took over the Ravinia Village. This was the city where alcohol and drinks were strictly prohibited. Entry of many weapons was also banned into the city. Hence, it was considered the driest city in the United States.

Overview Of Things Inside Highland Park

Overview Of Things Inside Highland Park

Highland Park offers the Ravinia Festival celebrations, where pop, classical, Latin, and Jazz concerts attract many visitors, especially during Summer. Since 1936, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra has been arranging the festival. It is arranged in an open-air canopy where a maximum of 3200 people can be accommodated. You have to buy tickets first to attend the concerts. You may also come early before the show and have a party or tea break while sitting on the Lawn.

Highland Park Chicago is on everyone’s “to-visit” list because it also represents many models of architecture and the talents of many artists. Here, many buildings are so captivating that you become bound to know everything about the art of that building. All these buildings are registered under the National Register of Historic Places. Moreover, the architects of these buildings also used to live in this city.

In addition to several structures, it is home to three beaches: Moraine Beach, Park Avenue Beach, and Rosewood Beach. Moraine Beach has a specific area to unbind dogs to walk freely. Moreover, if you are a boating lover, Park Avenue Beach is the best option. Also, if you are a club person, the North Shore Yacht Club is your place. The fun fact about the city is that several scenes of many films are shot here.

Schooling & Education

One Early Childhood Centre, Eight Elementary Schools, and two Middle Schools operate under the North Shore School District 112. Moreover, Township High School District 113 controls two schools – Highland Park High School & Deerfield High School. The Highland Park High School comes in 40th position in Illinois according to the quality of education. You can take admission in several courses & attempt exams. Hence, the city is an excellent place to live as everything is available, from living to learning.

According to a survey, 22.3% of the students in the city have a master’s Degree, 3.5% of students are doctors, 44.5% have a Bachelor’s, and 14.5% hold a professional school degree. Hence, the education system of the city is preferable and appreciable. There is no need to think twice before settling in the town. It is best for resident students as well as immigrant students.

Lifestyle of People of Highland Park

Lifestyle of People of Highland Park

Talking about its population, it is approximately 8895, according to a 2023 survey. Among them, 91% are white, 0.3% are black, and 5.3% are Asian. There are 3790 houses in Highland Park. 70% of the houses are for single-family only and are available for rent. In contrast, 73% of the homes are under the use of their owners. According to a survey, the tenants live in the rental houses for an average of 6 years.

The average income you can easily earn in Highland Park is above $100,000 monthly. Moreover, you can purchase your own house for about $500,000. There are also expensive houses, available roughly at $1.5 million. You can live here with your whole family as the income is enough to support living expenses. Moreover, this charming city is the priority of many people as it is easy to get to Chicago for business purposes.

96% of Highland Park’s residents are employers, and 4% are unemployed. Approximately 2960 people are under the non-labor force. Within 20 minutes, the workers can reach their working place in this city. Moreover, it is the city with the lowest crime and violence rate. Then why not move there and start a new life?

Entertainment, Cuisine, and Shopping

The neighborhoods of North Shore provide few opportunities for shopping, so Highland Park is the one offering it. The city has many shopping centers, kid’s malls, and restaurants. Many residents from the nearby neighborhood come and stay for the afternoon to visit shopping malls and have a meal. There are family cafes and casual dining spots for the residents and visitors.

Coffee lovers find their favorite spots and pick any of the coffee bars, Perfect Blend, ArrivaDolce Gelato, and Starbucks. In addition to the activities mentioned above, there are further things that you can do in Highland Park:

Galco’s Soda Pop Stop

Here, you can roam in the halls where plenty of drinks and beverages are available, with different flavors like old cream drinks and ginger beer. Without fear of stomach problems, pick the old elusive candies that memorize the delicious moments of your childhood.

Highland & Bob Baker Marionette Theatres

In Highland theatres, new movies are released every Tuesday & Wednesday for $6. Moreover, Marionette Theatre provides plenty of things and has been amusing people for over six years. It is the best source of puppet shows, an ideal form of kids’ enjoyment. This theatre was shifted from Westlake to Highland Park and is enriched with beautiful decor, silly old tunes, and holiday-themed performances.

Highland Park Bowl

Formerly, the place where Highland Park Bowl is located was a music place. Then, it changed into Bowl Hall in 2015. A big hall of 8 lanes offers everyone the turn to go bowling. The players on the waiting list can enjoy their meal by having pizzas, drinks, or bears.

Highland Park ranked 12th among Illinois cities for having the safest environment. Here, the crime rates are lower, and the city provides a safe place to live. Everything is on point for education, atmosphere, entertainment, and business sources. So Highland Park is the best option to choose to live & enjoy!