Iowa Women’s Basketball – History And Significance

Iowa Women's Basketball

The Iowa Hawkeyes Women’s Basketball team plays on behalf of the University of Iowa in the United States. The team is a part of “The National Collegiate Athletic Association” and “Big Ten Conference.” The team members play the game in Carver-Hawkeye Arena – a stadium of about 14,500 seats. In 1970, young girls taking part in sports at the college level became members of the Iowa Women’s Basketball team.

This participation of girls in Iowa Women’s Basketball was quite astonishing as it made up only 1% of the whole population of the US. This 1% increased to 20%, but in 1976, it again fell to 9%. The reason behind this decline was a federal law – Title IX – which Congress passed. Even in the twentieth century, this law created a distance between girls and sports.

Moreover, it is interesting to know that in 1920, girls played the first basketball tournament in which the players were rural whose families supported and motivated them for their athletic abilities and excitement. The girls who used to work hard on their farms were ready to perform. Hence, the evolution continued until college girls started taking part in the game – Iowa Women’s Basketball. And today, the girls are representing their motherland proudly.

Difference Between Girls and Boys’ Basketball

Difference Between Girls and Boys’ Basketball

Basketball is a renowned game played widely in the whole world. Like other games, two teams play with each other with five players each. In a rectangular ground, both opponent teams play to shoot the basketball through the keeper’s ring. Girls’ basketball is somewhat identical to boys’ basketball in rules. But still, there are some noticeable differences in Iowa Women’s Basketball.

The first difference is the circumference of the ball. Girls’ basketball has one inch less circumference than boys’ basketball. Secondly, the difference lies in the three-point line of girls. One foot or 0.30 m is closer to the basket than boys’ basketball. The Iowa Women’s Basketball game had the exact differences and similarities.

Thirdly, the girls play a half-court game due to the fewer players. It contains three forwards and three guards who can not cross the centre line, standing on each side. They have only two dribbles and three seconds to pass the ball. Moreover, boys used to play 5-on-5 full-court basketball internationally. But the girls in the Iowa Women’s Basketball team used to play 6-on-6 half-court and became dominating and popular in Iowa.

Basketball – Interesting Facts

Basketball – Interesting Facts

The one team player of Iowa Women’s Basketball wears black and golden uniforms, while the opponent team wears white with a slight touch of gold and black. Many other girls’ sports, like softball, track, and volleyball, are also on the list in Iowa, but Basketball wears crowns for many reasons.

Since 1981, 42 seasons have been under coverage until now. It has been the conference champion for about 15 times. Following are the players of Iowa Women’s Basketball game:

  • Caitlin Clark – Guard
  • Hannah Stuelke – Forward
  • AJ Ediger – Forward
  • Johnson Kennise – Guard
  • Kate Martin – Guard
  • Gabbie Marshall – Guard
  • Taylor McCabe – Guard
  • Ava Jones – Forward
  • Molly Davis – Guard
  • Kylie Feuerbach – Guard
  • Jada Gyamfi – Forward
  • Addison O’Grady – Centre
  • Sydney Affolter – Guard
  • Sharon Goodman – Centre

After the South Carolina Basketball team, the Iowa Women’s Basketball team ranks second globally, scoring 651 points. Moreover, Caitlin Clark is the Collegiate Women’s Athlete of the Year.

Significance of Iowa Women’s Basketball for Girls

Iowa Women’s Basketball for Girls

As discussed earlier, household and college girls started participating in basketball. This was a milestone and encouraged many other girls to be a part of any sports. So, basketball raises girls’ confidence, grows them mentally and physically, and breaks all stereotypes and barriers. It enables women to face the cruel world with confidence, learn worthy lessons, and get many opportunities. Iowa Basketball has shaped the lives of many girls and is still making them worthy. Here is its significance below:

Positive Role Models

Iowa Girls have been winning over and over again, and now they have become an excellent role model for those girls who are introverts but talented basketball players. If the girls working in farms and fields can play tournaments, why not you? This game has an intense role in preparing many girls to chase their dreams without fear. You can gain abilities to be an international athlete, leadership, and growth.

Confidence and Morale

Your confidence gets higher and higher when you see yourself participating diligently and making your team win tournaments. Hence, basketball boosts your morale and self-esteem and ables you to discover your new skills, ascend the staris of success, and set & achieve your goals. You become more determined when you work as a team and want to add your input more and more.

Teamwork and Leadership

How do you collaborate and work in a team? Iowa Women’s Basketball teaches all! It enhances a girl’s leadership qualities, management skills, cooperation, and communication abilities. The girls become ready to compete and beat men in many fields wherever in the world. You can also learn to be responsible in your professional and household lives. You can make collective decisions working in a team.

Physical and Mental Growth

Iowa Basketball enables women to be physically healthy and breaks stereotypes of girls as less strong than boys. Jumping, running, and body movement make you healthy and fit. However, there remains no need for a gym if you are a good athlete. Also, basketball prepares girls to face challenges and complications in their lives. Loosing and trying again develop your mental health to overcome obstacles in your real life, too.

So, girls’ basketball develops leadership skills and enables you to grow, learn, and live. Moreover, when many women from different backgrounds come and play together, a new mindset and a new girl are formed. So, basketball diversifies a girl and her brain. It also nourishes your mental and physical health. Hence, Iowa Women’s Basketball is being played internationally and preparing many new girls to be a part of it.