Knott’s Berry Farm – A Historical Theme Park in California

Knott's Berry Farm

Cedar Fair is an entertainment company that has taken control of Knott’s Berry Farm and is still operating this theme park. It is a big park with a 57-acre area (2 500 000 square feet), which is surprisingly huge. According to the site, there are countless fun zones where you can take part and have amusement.

Until March 2015, Knott’s Berry Farm was the 12th most visited park in America, and according to a survey, it has been the visiting site for about 4 million people every year. Due to its huge area, it comprises 40 rides; among them are water rides, roller coasters, dark rides, and some family rides. Apart from rides, there are other sources of attractions, too.

So, the farm area is divided into four themed parks according to the culture and history of California. At Knott’s Berry Farm, you can experience massive roller coasters, praise Fiesta Village – Hispanic roots of California, do adventures at Ghost Town from the 1800s, a High Sierras adventure, and the Boardwalk Beach Lifestyle. However, Knott’s Soak City Waterpark and Knott’s Hotel are the parts of this big-themed farm.

History of Knott’s Berry Farm and Park

History of Knott's Berry Farm and Park

Walter Marvin Knott was a farmer who lived in America. He founded Knott’s Berry Farm and introduced it as an amusement park. The park also lies in its boundaries. Talking about the history, in 1923, the Knott family used to sell berries on the stand along the road – State Route 39. Soon, in 1934, Knotts began to sell fried chicken, owning a restaurant named Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant.

This dinner restaurant attracted many people, so, from this journey, Knott’s constructed many other attraction sites to amuse people in waiting for dinner. In 1940, the Knotts built a Ghost town in the farm area, which is now the reason for the making and popularity of Knott’s Berry Farm. In the 1950s, its popularity touched the sky when

Knotts opened the Summer-long County Fair

Over time, Knotts renovated the farm with the collaboration of other people. There were many artworks, and the themed sections were designed beautifully. He took many museum collections to the farm to enhance the amusement. Until 1967, people visited the farm for free. But in 1968, the tickets were assigned – $1 for adults and a half dollar for kids.

After the death of the farm owner, Knotts, their kids decided to sell their business. After this, Cedar Fair acquired the farm, home of thrilling rides and other attraction sites.

Attraction and Fun Zones

Knotts opened the Summer-long County Fair Knott's Berry Farm


The theme park comprises four themed areas – Ghost Town, Fiesta Village, The Boardwalk, and Camp Snoopy. Each site offers its type of fun and enjoyment. Here is the detail below of what you should do whenever you go!

The Old West Ghost Town

The Ghost Town of the Farm is a collection of artworks like woodcarver, sinner, glass-bowler, and blacksmith. Here, you can get discounted tickets to visit the whole area. This town first holds the Western Trails Museum. It has antiques from the 18th and 19th centuries. You can learn about these antiques from the guides and the staff there.

In addition to the museum, there are rides and roller coasters. You can take the themed ride – Calico Mine Ride, where the robotic miners with bumpy faces will entertain you. Secondly, Ghostrider is the tallest and longest wooden roller coaster in Ghost Town. Thirdly, the ghost town offers the theater to the visitors named Bird Cage Theatre, an idea taken from Tombstone’s actual Bird Cage Theatre. Moreover, you can shop and enjoy cuisine in the ghost town.

Fiesta Village

In 1969, the Fiesta Village was built on the Mexican culture and theme. After Ghost Town, it was the second area that came into being. The Mexican-themed spots at Fiesta Village are as follows:

Themed Rides

  • La Revolucion
  • Montezuma
  • Jaguar
  • Dragon Swing
  • Sol Spin

Stores and Malls

  • Casa California


  • Shoot If YuCan


  • la Papa Loca
  • la Victoia Cantina
  • Pancho’s Tacos

The Boardwalk

This area is a huge collection of games along with the rides. Here, you can test yourself and your physical strength by taking part in several games. Three-point Challenge, Test your strength, and baseball are some of the most played games here. Moreover, you can also take part in whacking a mole, water racers, ping pong toss, and bucket toss. Perilous Plunge was the most thrilling ride in Knott’s Berry Farm, but it was closed for the expansion of Boardwalk.

Soon, two new rides and roller coasters took the place of Perilous Plunge. Moreover, Coast Rider, HangTime, Pacific Scrambler, Sky Cabin, Wipeout, and more are all the rides of the Boardwalk. The world’s famous restaurant, Johnny Rockets, is also in this area.

Camp Snoopy

The most favorite part of the kids – Camp Snoopy is home to various calm rides for toddlers and children. It was the theme park known as Mall of America’s indoor park, later known as the Camp Snoopy. There are 12 rides, including a sinner roller coaster named Sierra Sidewinder, Rapid River Run, etc. Balloon Race, Huff, Puff, Woodstock’s Airmail, and Linus Launcher are the parts of this themed area.

The farm is the most expanded place in North America. It attracts many visitors due to its artistry and sources of amusement. Apart from many rides and attraction sites, there is a public area, Indian Trails, and an East property offering a lot of fun and joy. To enter the farm, you have to buy tickets first. You can get different types of passes to the farm, like season pass – $99, Gold pass – $125, and Prestige Pass – $350. Each token has different terms and policies to enter the farm. Have great fun!