Love Pimple – A Type Of An Inflammatory Acne

Love Pimple

Are you facing issues with small bumps on your skin? You need not worry because these little bumps are less scary than other acne pimples. Your hormonal changes cause the appearance of these tiny breakouts. There is a whole procedure behind their arrival and dissolving. Is this Love Pimple? If yes, then what is a love Pimple?

A love pimple is an inflammation that occurs due to hormonal changes in your body. As the name describes, the most trustworthy statement behind it is that it appears when you are in Love. The dermatologists suggest that being in Love stresses you out to look good, which leads to tiny breakouts. Your intense feelings of Love and emotions, along with a slight touch of stress, activate the brain to release hormones that cause these red bumps on any part of your face.

What is the minimum time this pimple takes to dissolve? Is there any proper medication to heal from this problem? What are the home remedies to avoid going to the doctor? There is the answer to every question below. There is much more to know about Love Pimple, so keep scrolling to prevent any risk concerning your health and beauty.

The Truth of Love Pimple

The Truth of Love Pimple

Love pimple occurs at the T-Zone of your face. The difference between other acne and love pimple is that acne can appear on any part of your body, while love pimple mainly occurs around the lips and nose. There are some theories regarding love pimples. Either it is due to hormonal imbalance or allergic reactions.

Whatever the reason, it can be contagious if it worsens, but it can also be harmless if the cause is a little scary. Check out the following theories and analyze the level of your love pimple instead of doing a toss: “To worry or not?”

Hormonal Imbalance – Role of Cortisol

Hormonal production is firmly attached to your feelings at the moment. Your skin behaves well when you are happy and will break out if you feel a breakout. But remember that your skin also shows itself when you are feeling comfortable. This is what happened with Love Pimple. It’s all about emotions and feelings. There are some theories behind its procedure of appearing.

Your intense emotions and stress cause the stress hormones – Cortisol, Adrenaline, Histamine, and many others to be released. These stress hormones are beneficial to your skin as they enable your skin cells to cope with the stress you deal with. But when these hormones are released in excess amounts, the situation can be alarming! These excessive hormones cause the skin glands to release more sebum. It produces oil that clogs the pores of your skin and gives you pimples.

The sebum production leads to increased blood flow, which ultimately causes redness, breaking elastin and collagen. Among various stress hormones, Cortisol causes many skin changes, like aging, acne, rosacea, and psoriasis. Rosacea is a Love Pimple that appears on your skin. That is why it is also known as Acne Rosacea, Stress Bumps, or Hormone Bumps.

Allergic Reactions – Role of Histamine

During stress, a hormone – Histamine, is also released in addition to Cortisol. It is a chemical released when your body is exposed to allergens. Hence, it causes allergic reactions on your skin, which leads to redness and little breakouts.

Things To Do To Get Rid Of Love Pimples

Things To Do To Get Rid Of Love Pimples

Mostly, love pimples are harmless and leave your skin ASAP. But if you are more concerned about your skin, or you have an immediate event on the way, or there is any emergency, there are some things that you can do to avoid the extended stay of these pimples:

  • Whatever acne you face, never touch it because you may feel any body part accidentally, and the germs of your acne can be transferred
  • Try to use a good cleanser regularly to get better results
  • A slight warm press can also rescue the redness
  • Apart from your face, your other body parts may also be under the influence, so avoid wearing tight clothes
  • Ointments containing Salicylic acid or Benzoyl Peroxide are good as Spot Treatment because these ointments take away the pimple immediately after making it dry
  • Applying ice on the infected part can heal the pimple soon
  • Make the paste of aspirin with tea tree oil to avoid excessive oil, and this will take your pimples away

What type of ointment you should use depends entirely on what your doctor prescribes. Hence, when it’s going long, just run to your dermatologist.

Home Remedies for Love Pimples

You can also try some home remedies to avoid these slight breakouts. These are as follows:

  • Use Aloe Vera Past, which is mainly affected by skin issues
  • Apply egg white
  • Neem and rose water are also effective
  • Apply a mixture of garlic and honey
  • Apply dilute vinegar to the affected portion of your skin

All these remedies can soothe your skin and make it crystal clear. But you have to be patient as home remedies work slower as they are chemical-free. Moreover, there is nothing to be worried about the Love Pimple. It’s natural to have bumps, so there is no need to be in a complex facing others. Also, these love pimples do not stay longer, so you can clear your skin from inflammation, redness, and breakouts within days.