Mini Goldendoodle – Why Are They So Popular

Mini Goldendoodle

First thing comes first: Mini Goldendoodle is a designer dog – a true crossbreed of two famous breeds, Poodle and Golden Retriever. It was produced by cross-breeding in the early 1990s in three different sizes. The sizes made depended on the Poodle’s size as a parent. It gained the quality of hyper sensation of observation & human-loving character from a Golden retriever & features of allergy-friendly from a Poodle.

Its cute size makes it so popular and a favorite pet. It is also known as “Groodle,” “Mini Golden,” or “Mini Groodles.” Today, people want their customized pets and a crossbreed with specific characters of their own will. Sometimes, the demand is for a less-shedding coat, and sometimes it goes beyond it. However, the face of Mini Goldendoodle is quite cute and lovable.

The size of the Mini Goldendoodle is so cute, ranging from 13 to 20 inches tall, with a cute height of 40 to 50 pounds. It can live for about 10 to 15 years, depending on the environment you give. The guarantee for its loyalty, friendship, and love is a lifetime. But remember that this breed can quickly attain health issues and risks, so it is advisable to check on it time by time to deal with these issues, if any.

History of Production of Goldendoodle

History of Production of Goldendoodle

Granddaughter of Charles Dickens, Monica Dickens, crossbred the two dogs – a Retriever & and a Poodle to get a Mini Goldendoodle in 1969. There were two chances: either the offspring came out healthier than the parents or with health risks. However, the breeders genuinely wanted to breed an alternate to another breed, “Labradoodle.” The size of Goldendoodle was a standard-size puppy, but later, the breeders bred small-sized goldendoodles from smaller-sized parents.

The traits Goldendoodle got were mixed from both parents. The dominant characters of Golden Retriever were loyal, energetic, playful & outgoing, obedient, joyful & able to learn fast, and talented to please others with its cute little activities. Moreover, the best characteristics of Poodle were guarding, low-shedding, smart & intelligent, easy to socialize & lovable, and trainable.

Moreover, Goldendoodle was produced from cross-breeding only – that was the F1 generation. But after a sizable amount of puppies were generated, breeders started to produce them from the mating of two Mini Goldendoodles. Hence, it is also known as Multigene Goldendoodles or Multigenerational.

Fun Facts About Mini Goldendoodle


Here are some unique facts about this special breed. These are as follows:

Fun Facts About Mini Goldendoodle

Versatility for Some Purposes

Miniature Goldendoodles are considered a source of therapy and comfort due to their compassionate and pleasant nature. Moreover, these puppies can be a support to older people or disability. Hence, they are devoted, passionate, and protective of their owners. These mini Goldendoodles are sometimes like sniffer dogs, guide dogs, or some end up as steer dogs. This hybrid is a jack of all trades!

Allergy-friendly Puppy

Sometimes, people love having a pet dog, but being allergic to these animals prevents them from buying one. But Mini Goldendoodle cannot involve you in any allergy – long tickling furs. These puppies have a low-shedding character, which enhances the probability for humans to buy them. But each breed is not allergy-friendly; you can filter them out if you have issues.

Gentle Temperaments

Miniature Droodle is not as furious as other pet dogs or stray dogs. It is so quiet, humble, sweet, full of fun, and extremely loyal. In addition, it can’t bear a higher voice, is very social, and can please you in another way. No animal can prey on it and, hence, can walk along with other types of animals too. Your little kids will find this breed perfect as it can behave like toys for them.

Not a Watchdog For Your House

Mini Goldendoodle is so gentle and quiet that it can’t be used as a watchdog. It doesn’t bark often, so it will never tell you if any suspicious person comes to your home.

Little Need to Groom It

The fur is not long and shady, so there is little need to clean its hair. This characteristic is dominant in Goldendoodle due to Poodle. So, these curly hairs will no longer do anything to anyone, and you don’t have to worry about taking them to the salon many times. About one or two months later, the breed needs attention for grooming.

Trainable and Moderate Energetic

This puppy needs enough exercise for 20-30 minutes daily. It can play with you according to your energy level. Moreover, it is adaptable to all types of climate; whether it’s hot or cold, it can bear every severity of the climate. The exciting thing about this breed is that it can easily learn whatever you command it. It is quite intelligent and smart. Even if you train it in swimming, it will learn easily. Along with its activeness, it can make you active, too, even after a hectic day.

Health Concerns and Issues

Every animal or human is likely to suffer from health issues, but cross-breed animals have double the chances of getting any serious disease. The parents of the Goldendoodle itself have a chance of getting cancer. In addition to cancer, the following are the diseases that Goldendoodles can acquire:

Patellar Luxation

A knee injury is quite common in these tiny puppies.

Von Willebrand’s Disease

Von Willebrand’s Disease is a blood clotting disorder inherited in these puppies. There is no sufficient blood plasma protein that can clot the blood. Hence, even a minor injury can lead to non-stop bleeding.


The thyroid gland in these puppies doesn’t produce enough hormones, which leads to this disease and is very common in them.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

In this disease, the retina of puppies degenerates with time, ultimately leading to blindness. This is also an inherited disease.

Gastric Dilatation Volvulus

Bloating occurs when a lot of food, fluid, or gas starts accumulating in the stomach of these puppies, which results in increased pressure on other organs.

Moreover, ear infections, hip dysplasia, and allergies are some of the less common diseases in these puppies.

Pros and Cons of Having Miniature Droodle

Pros and Cons of Having  Mini Goldendoodle

Beautiful and cute faces, teddy-bear-like looks, and soft curly hair make them look good. In addition to these characters, there are other things that make them advantageous as well as challenging. Pros of having a Mini Goldendoodle are:

  • They are quite portable and can be carried easily in a carrier as they are smaller in size and lesser in weight
  • Due to their friendly nature and smaller size, you can keep them in an apartment because furious dogs are prohibited from entering the boundaries of these apartments

In addition to being beneficial, there are some cons of having them:

  • Due to their adorable appearance and such friendly nature, they are quite expensive with a price range of about $1000-$5000 or even sometimes it goes up to $10,000
  • They can’t bear separation from their owners, so it is not good to leave them alone at home

Things to Ask While Purchasing From a Professional Breeder

It would be best if you asked for some documents from the breeder about where you will buy the Goldendoodle. So that, in the future, you won’t face any serious health issues with your pet. The demands are as follows:

  • Two-years health guarantee
  • Socializing guarantees even with the kids
  • All veterinary records of vaccinations
  • A little genetic test to check for any inherited disease
  • Ask for a reasonable price for the breed

The Mini Goldendoodles are the perfect fit for you and your family for many reasons. Always check some important things before making a purchase. A therapeutic and enjoyable pet can be your next family member. So what are you waiting for? The mini pet is all set to put its feet in your home. Their small size is the best reason for their purchase. So, pick the leash and take them home!