Mississippi State Football: A Deep Dive into Bulldogs’ Legacy

Mississippi State Football

Mississippi State Football is a famous college football team. The team is known for its competitive abilities and enthusiastic fan base. The team plays on behalf of Mississippi State University for American Football program and sport. The Bulldogs play under the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Southeastern Conference (SEC), and Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS).

Moreover, the team brought the SEC championship in 1941 and the Division Championship in 1998 to the home. Recently, while playing in a college series against Vanderbilt, the team won the first team National Championship in 2021. The Mississippi State football team is enriched in its history and has given talented athletes over the years. The uniform they wear is a contrast of Maroon and White.

The Mississippi State Bulldogs bring interest and excitement to the ground. Whether it’s a thrilling touchdown or a nail-biting victory, Mississippi State Football never fails to keep fans on the edge of their seats. What’s more, it is all wrapped in this extensive guide. Keep reading to unveil all clues about the Mississippi State Football team.

History of Mississippi State Football

Mississippi State Football

Mississippi organized a game of football in 1894 under the coaching of W. M. Matthews. Unfortunately, his headship brought no wins but two losses. The coaches kept changing, and finally, under the headship of Chadwick, the Mississippi team won the first Baracrdi bowl game in Havana in 1911.

Charles Shira, Bob Tyler, Emory Bellard, Rockey Felker, Jackie Sherill, Sylvester Croom, Dan Mullen, Joe Moorhead, Mike Leach, and Zach Arnett – all these coaches have contributed role in making history and records of Mississippi State Football. Some coaches were unlucky to make steps toward success for the team, while others were successful in shaping the lives of the Bulldogs.

Wins and Losses

1941 was a year of getting the championship of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) under the head coach – Allyn McKeen. The team set the overall record of 8-1-1 and the championship record 4-0-1. This series of plays included the wins against Alabama, Auburn, Florida, and Ole Miss. SEC has been divided into two divisions since the 1992 series of games. Moreover, in 1998, Mississippi State University (MSU) played the season with 22-21 wins against Arkansas, 28-6 against Ole Miss and 26-14 against Alabama in Oxford.

After these back-to-back wins, MSU became able to represent the team for SEC West in its Championship game. MSU pushed an ultimate National Championship Tennessee in the closing stages of the football game before giving in 14-24 at the Georgia Dome. After this, the team played under the head coach – Jackie Sherill, with Texas Longhorns – a twentieth-ranked team in Dallas, Texas. In the third quarter, the Bulldogs unfortunately lost the game with the record of 11-38, without beating the 24 points of Longhorns.

Bowl Games

The first bowl game of Mississippi was in the Bacardi Bowl in 1912 in Havana against Havana Athletic Club. The Havana Athletic Club team was known as Mississippi A&M Aggies, and the team lost by the score of 12-0, set by the Bulldogs. But Mississippi didn’t count this victory in their wins. The Mississippi State Football maintained its victory in the 5-game bowl from 1999 to 2011.

The team broke the balance in the Gator Bowl 2013 against the Northwestern Wildcats. Moreover, since 2010, the Bulldogs played back-to-back 12 bowl games, setting the record in University’s history. The historical milestones of Mississippi State Football include the Orange Bowl 1941, Liberty Bowl 1963, Peach Bowl 1999, and Gator Bowl 2011. Moreover, in the 2021 season, Mississippi has competed in over 26 bowl games, setting the record of 15-11.

Traditions in Mississippi State Football Game

Mississippi State Football

Students set the desired traditions for the matches to show themselves, their dedication to the team, and its victory. These traditions changed by time and came out as a new tradition. These are as follows:


The Cowbell is the most peculiar and prominent mark of Mississippi State University tradition. Whenever Mississippi State wins, their dedicated supporters loudly ring the cowbells to celebrate the victory. Although many opponents worked hard to eradicate this team from the screen, it stood before everyone in Mississippi.

Before World War II, Mississippi State University set records of uncountable wins, so Cowbells were used highly during that golden period of Mississippi. This Cowbell tradition might sound odd to you, Right? But the fact is that its origin is still unknown. Let’s talk about its myth – people consider that once, during the play against Ole Miss, a cow wearing the state uniform strayed into the playground.

That match was remarkable as MSU won against the rebels; hence, they considered the Cow as the lucky charm for them. So, after this incident, the students continued to bring cows to the field to win the match. Gradually, they came to bringing only the cowbells instead of the Cow. Hence, this tradition peaked during back-to-back wins of Mississippi around the 1960s.

The Color Combination – Maroon & White

The Mississippi State Football team has worn a Maroon and white contracting uniform since its first play. Matthews decided on this colour combination when, in 1895, the team had to play against Southern Baptist University for the first time. Students asked him to choose one uniform as the other team was about to wear one. So, from day one, it is the traditional uniform of the MSU football team.

Mississippi State Football Schedule and Tickets

You must purchase tickets for this incomparable football match of the MSU. The tickets are available for major Rivalry games of Mississippi State, either a match against Alabama in the Battle for Highway 82, Texas A&M, or Old Miss in the Egg Bowl. Get your vivid seats, and you’ll be free to sit anywhere in the stadium – end zone or centre. There is a range of prices for viewers to buy affordable tickets. The following is the upcoming schedule of the matches with the ticket prices:




Lowest Ticket Price

09/30/2024Starkville, MSDavis Wade Stadium at Scott Field$31
10/07/2024Starkville, MSDavis Wade Stadium at Scott Field$2
10/21/2024Fayetteville, ARRazorback Stadium$34
10/28/2024Auburn, ALJordan-Hare Stadium$28
11/04/2024Starkville, MSDavis Wade Stadium at Scott Field$14
11/11/2024College Station, TXKyle Field$59
11/18/2024Starkville, MSDavis Wade Stadium at Scott Field$8
11/23/2024Starkville, MSDavis Wade Stadium at Scott Field$30

So, check your budget and schedule to see which match is suitable to watch for you. Football lovers will always attend every match. Moreover, these matches enable you to watch at a lower level. Watching your favourite players, Messi and Barcelona, live in front of you may open doors. So, what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy the Football.