Mondor Disease – History, Causes, and Symptoms

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Do you know mysteries often lie beneath the surface in medicine? Do you also need to discover these mysteries? Are you curious what causes Mondor disease and what signs confirm its existence? We got your back! It is a rare condition. There is no obvious cause of this disease found yet. But when the doctors diagnose this ailment, they suggest surgery sometimes to avoid further infection or inflammation. But what is this disease? Is it benign or malignant?

Mondor disease is the thrombophlebitis of superficial veins of the anterior chest wall and breast. The chest wall is not the only place yet thrombophlebitis can also occur in the arm and penis. Patients with this disease often feel redness and swelling in a particular area of thrombophlebitis. A linear or tender lump may present in that area. But sometimes, it’s not sure that the cause of the lump is a Mondor ailment, so doctors prescribe mammography or ultrasound to make sure!

Patients with Mondor disease should not take it on their nerves as it is a self-recovering and benign ailment. You can take NSAIDS like ibuprofen to relieve the pain or use a warm compress to reduce the swelling. But when it lasts long and remains untreated, it can lead to cancer. You can get more information by scrolling down the whole guide. So, let’s start!

Types of Mondor Disease

Mondor disease can be of two types: PMD – Penile Mondor Disease and MDB – Mondor Disease of the Breast. Both types are not so severe and can be treated with home remedies and medication. Check out some details on both types below:

Penile Mondor Disease (PMD)

Penile Mondor Disease

PMD is a rare genetic ailment due to thrombophlebitis (inflammation due to blood clotting) in the superficial dorsal vein of the penis. Hence, blood clotting and inflammation occur at the vein near the penis, extending along the organ’s length. PMD is divided into three levels – acute, sub-acute chronic, and recanalization. Sometimes, it recovers in 4-9 weeks without any medical treatment. The cause of this type is still unobvious. PMD usually occurs at the top of the penis and is often painless.

Mondor Disease of the Breast (MDB)

Mondor Disease

The inflammation from blood clotting in the chest wall or breast area is called Mondor Disease of the Breast (MDB). It is also not chronic and can be recovered by taking preventive measures. It starts with a sore and red cord-like bump under your skin. Later, it becomes more complicated and painless and can tighten your breasts. Even though it is a severe condition, it can cause breast cancer in some intense cases. However, the doctors can make you feel better and remove your discomfort, and you’ll be okay soon.

But, these hard lumps can also occur in other body parts, for example, the stomach, groin, arm, or armpit. If it occurs in the armpits, it is called “axillary web syndrome” and usually becomes visible after removing lymph nodes via surgery.

Causes of Mondor Disease

Henri Mondor, in 1939, described PDB. It is a rare medical condition, and doctors don’t fully know why it happens. But from what they’ve seen in many cases, injuring a specific area can lead to a sore and stiff lump in a vein under the skin. The factors involved in the causes of MDB are as follows:

  • A rough estimate says that it may occur due to tight brassiere, an unexpected injury during surgery, or hard exercise
  • Sometimes, unintentionally, we get some direct harm to our veins, pressure on veins, and contamination of blood

As discussed earlier, the cause of PMD is not so obvious. But an estimated research says that it can occur due to the following reasons:

  • A type of trauma or injury to the penis
  • Having rough or frequent sex
  • Use of a penile vacuum

Symptoms of Mondor Disease

Symptoms of Mondor Disease

You can identify if you have the signs of PMD, like difficulty in urination, the top vein of the penis feels like rope, edema – swelling of the penis, and pain in the whole penis. Younger boys can commonly face this issue and feel pain in the abdomen, chest, arms, or armpits.

PDB shows its existence when you suddenly feel a long, narrow cord under the skin near the breast, arms, or armpits. After some time, you’ll have hardness in your skin. You may notice a slight dent above the hard lump, and you can easily see this breakout. So you can easily see the symptoms and go to your doctor for further discussion and medication.

Treatment of Mondor Disease

In most cases of Mondor disease of both types, taking good care of the affected area and waiting for it to improve is usually enough. The treatment includes:

  • Compressing the affected part with a warm cloth
  • Taking pain-relief pills
  • Avoiding things that rub or irritate the spot

If you have a specific problem with your blood clotting, the doctor might suggest more vital medication. Sometimes, during PDB, breast surgery might result in a hard lump. In this case, the doctor may give you a shot with triamcinolone to help the lump get better faster. However, Penile Mondor Disease (PMD) can get better by taking proper treatment:

Whenever you feel the symptoms, always go for an immediate medication. This is what doctors do. At the initial stage, the doctors may advise you to use topical creams with heparin and other anti-inflammatory medicines. Moreover, try to avoid sexual activities when you are on your treatment. This treatment is necessary because it stops inflammation and infection from spreading. When the disease undergoes severe conditions, doctors may prescribe you for surgery.

When you go to the doctor with chest pain, he will not consider it a minor disease because it’s rare. But your chest pain can pick a red signal for a heartache or lung clot. And when these ailments are ruled out, a condition like breast cancer could be like Mondor disease. The same is the case with PMD. Hence, a detailed talk and careful check by the doctor is necessary to know about the causes and further procedures to heal from the disease.