Movie Park Germany: Unveiling the Magical World of Thrill

Movie Park

Welcome to the Movie Park Germany! It’s called so as it is a movie-themed park in Western Germany. It was also known as “Hollywood in Germany” a few years back. You feel yourself as if you are in a cinema watching a movie. Even the visitors say, “We are in the movies” because the rides and their routes are designed in this cinematic way. This is the only distinctive multi-purpose park in Germany.

The largest movie park in Germany has more than 40 attractive sites, roller coasters, and appalling shows. It contains seven themes and, hence, seven different areas. You’ll find your favorite heroes and movies in the themed areas. Visitors find it a source of amusement and joy because it provides enjoyment in many ways.

Here, your excitement never ends because there is a thrill one after the other. The Lost Temple, Time Riders, Backyardigans, Star Trek, Bermuda Triangle, Van Helsing’s Factory, Road Runner Roller Coaster, and whatnot! Explore anything you wished for or dreamed of by visiting Movie Park. Unlock your fear and ride every roller coaster to add some thrill to your life.

Making of Movie Park Germany

About Movie Park


In 1967, Movie Park was in Bottrop-Kirchhellen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is the most historical park in the world. After some years of its birth, Warner Bros took hold of this park in 1994. The park had a grand opening officially opened in 1996. Until then, it remained in its original form. After this, the park was altered and designed according to the model that Warner Bros represented – Movie World in Australia.

It was named Warner Bros Movie World, where many thrilled rides haunt the hearts of many visitors. Only some adventure lovers visited, and the older people avoided it. This caused the decline in number of visitors. On 3rd April 2004, StarParks acquired this park, and in 2005, they reopened it with the name of Movie Park Germany.

After that, the park expanded more and more, and the addition of rides, attractions, and eateries continued. The park is a huge area of 45 hectares with a variable environment and amusement. Here, the rides are family-friendly, and you can better enjoy it with your family. You can unlock each ride with a ticket, but the enjoyment is free.

Fun Facts About Movie Park

Fun Facts About Movie Park

Why is this park in the hearts of many, and why does everyone want to visit here? There are some fun facts about Movie Park Germany. The park is known for its thrilling and amazing roller coasters. In August 2006, a roller coaster named Cop Car Chase was closed once after it was out of order. Because it was so expensive to repair it and make it work again, to fill this space, a Santa Monica Pier-themed area was established in 2007.

Moreover, until 2004, the motto of this park was “Hollywood in Germany”. After this, it changed to “A day like in the film”, but in 2007, it was again “Hurray! I’m in the Film”. The famous areas of the Movie Park are Wonderland Studios, and Nickland continued expanding side by side. After some time, these two areas were joined together.

Hence, the old visitors of this park were disturbed due to this relocation. So, to compensate for this, many other sites were built to overcome the lost attraction. There is a 4D cinema where the movies are continuously changed to maintain enjoyment for the visitors. SpongeBob, Square Pants, Shrek, and Ice Age have been part of it.

Variety of Roller Coasters in Movie Park Bottrop

Variety of Roller Coasters in Movie Park Bottrop

The Movie Park is known for providing a huge number of roller coasters. It produces a wave of excitement among teenagers as well as adults. These roller coasters are interlinked with other activities, shows, and rides.

Star Trek

Star Trek is the most recent addition to the park. It has a better theme than other roller coasters. You can find it in the waiting area of this roller coaster. It crafts music in such an easy way that it gives a clue about the film that will be telecasted. Hence, it is the pre-show theme; however, it kills suspense, but still, it is worth it to ride on!

Moreover, irrespective of moving at full speed, it is less thrilling than other roller coasters. This operation enterprise provides a smooth ride, though.

Van Helsing’s Factory

This coaster is an indoor roller coaster that replaced another popular one named Gremlins Invasion. Despite little space, this roller coaster fits nicely. Hence, it’s not as tall and swift. It is a shorter roller coaster with four seats only. It means it can’t take many people at once for the ride.

Mission to Mars, Ghost Chasers, and Jimmy Neutron

Here comes everyone’s favorite part, the Nickland. It is themed on the Nickelodeon channel and comprises three roller coasters – Mission to Mars (Vekoma Junior Coasters), Ghost Chasers (Mack Wild Mouse), and Jimmy Neutron. Little kids enjoy these coaster rides to an extent.

Movie Park Studio Tour

This coaster is a good-themed roller coaster, and it seems like Van Helsing’s Factory. It is a family coaster and dark ride and has also replaced the Ice Age Adventure coaster. Per train, only 12 passengers can ride it.

Water Rides

A rapid river – Excalibur is one of the largest rides in the park. Most of the rides are indoor, and it creates more attraction.

Bermuda Triangle

The updated version of the Bermuda Triangle is Area 51 – top secret. It is next to the main street of the park. The themes of this ride do not change much, but the coaster is designed beautifully.

Long story short, it is the most crowded park in Germany. But in Corona, people avoided visiting here. Intense summers also demand staying at home instead of going there. The park doesn’t end here. The list of roller coasters is beyond discussion. You can find several resorts for a good refreshment and many other horror-schemed areas. However, some rides need renovation because they are the oldest rides. Somehow, visiting the park is worth it. You face several experiences and life lessons for not riding a thrilled roller coaster again (in a case).