New Apex Legend: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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New Apex Legend is a game that was released on 4th February 2019. It’s a battle royale shooter game where you play as a legend against the other teams. To win the game, you have to be observant, clever, and stick to your pals. Moreover, having a few valuable suggestions can make you win the game. Also, keep in mind that luck matters a lot while you play the game. Do you want more essential tips to be a pro in this game? See the vital pointers and strategies to assist you in getting the most out of your Apex games career and winning the matches. So, let’s begin!

Select a Character in the New Apex Legend that Matches Your Playstyle

It’s a must to select a character before starting the game. The characters are usually named legends in this game. There are various legends, and it is tricky to choose one that fits your temper and taste. Because each legend has comparable speed, strength, and firepower. Moreover, you can help your squad if you find a legend that shoots the way you do. Check out the following examples of each kind of legend below:

  • Defensive
  • Supportive
  • Recon
  • Offensive

Defensive Characters

If you choose defensive characters, they can keep your team safe through area blocking and threat incorporation. The two defensive characters are Caustic and Gibraltar. Caustic excels at area restriction by using moveable containers that produce harmful gas when attackers approach. On the other hand, Gibraltar has a gun shield that absorbs incoming fire and can shield his squad via a moveable bubble.

Supportive Characters

Do you want to rescue your team in a supportive way? Lifeline and Loba are ready to serve. Lifeline can bring some things close to her friends within a particular range of an area. At the same time, Loba can move and fire to recover her friends by sending robots.

Recon Characters

You will be surprised to know that recon characters are good at finding the position of enemies. Hence, they are the most demanding characters so far. Moreover, everyone wants to choose recon characters. Bloodhound and Valkyrie are one of them. Bloodhound sends a scan for a short time, which exposes the team’s complete surroundings and gives a glimpse of their enemies’ positions. On the other hand, Valkyrie uses her powers to launch her squad into the air for an immediate escape. It reveals the precise location of your rivals as they land in a new place.

Offensive Characters

Last but not least, offensive characters are classic ones. Wraith can be a particularly well-liked option as she is in charge of significant damage before using her skills to escape and restart the battle. On the other hand, Octane has jump pads for his squad to reach specific heights. Moreover, he also has speed boost ability and uses it when needed.

Hence, either you want to be a shield between your squad and rivals, or you want to overtake your enemies while traveling over a long distance, all these characters can be the options for you. Work and observe which type of character is needed in the next round, and start playing!

Stay with Your Team in the New Apex Legend

New Apex Legend

Even if you are a pro player and come in the game alone, you will only be safe with a team because New Apex Legend is a team game. Also, use a tiny map on the top of the screen to stay connected to your team. Remain in the area where your other team members are. Whenever another team pushes your team, you should always be there to defend them immediately, and vice versa.

Moreover, teamwork always wins. So, keeping in touch with your team members will be beneficial to you. You can notify them of the exact position of your enemies and also send them several items like medical treatment or bullets. You can help your team members, and your team members can help you in times of distress. Hence, collaboration is a must!

Learn About the Arena

The area where all the Apex matches are held is known as Kings Canyon. It is a dangerous playground consisting of the following:

  • Overgrown vegetation
  • Many military buildings
  • Wide fields
  •  A marshy area with a deserted style
  • An area with so many colonies

The critical information that is mentioned over the map may include how to move about, knowing where the action is, and where to get the finest loot. All this information is helpful when the ring starts to compress. What is that? The arena is surrounded by a large ring, which begins to shrink at frequent intervals during the fight. It is the actual royale battle game!

Before it starts closing on you, stay from its boundaries because it can harm you. Hence, you have to act quickly to get everything you need. Therefore, when you know the map and the arena’s surroundings, it will be easy for you to escape rapidly and skillfully.

Find the Best Items, but Watch Out

New Apex Legend Catalyst

You can find different levels of stuff at other sites on the map. The better the tier of your weapon, the stronger it is. This can increase the chances of your survival till the end of the game. Moreover, some places on the map have the best loot, so everyone tries to go there first. But the dropships can be the jackpot for you that land randomly on the map. These dropships carry the most powerful loot in the game, rewarding those who grab them first.

At the beginning of each game, you don’t have any weapons. So, you and your team need to decide if going for these high-quality weapons is worth the danger each time you play. You need to find these locations for yourself.

Bring Your Friends Back to Life

Helping your team is very important in New Apex Legend. When someone in your team gets knocked down, they are not out for good. You can still save them! Similarly, when you are knocked down, you’ll need your teammates to come to your rescue. There is a special banner that is dropped when any of your team members is knocked out. If you manage to grab that banner and take it to a particular spot called a Respawn Beacon, you can bring your teammate back into the game.

But it’s not that easy. Bringing someone back takes time, and when your team members come back, they won’t have any weapons or armor. It is a risky move, but it can turn the tide of the game! So, if you ever get a chance to bring your teammates back to the game, go for it! It could save your team from losing.

Use Different Features for Your Benefit – Jump Towers, Hot Zones, and More!

Make the most of what King Canyon has to offer! Some cool things around the map can give you an advantage over other players. Firstly, Jump Towers are like big launch pads. It helps you and your teammates move faster by shooting up to the sky and then gliding down to the ground.

Secondly, hot zones are spots on the map where you can find excellent loot. But here’s the catch: it’s first come, first served! If you get there before anyone else, you can grab some top-tier gear. And then there are Respawn Beacons. If one of your teammates gets knocked out, you can use these beacons to bring them back into the game, as we talked about earlier.

Using these features smartly can totally change the game for you as well as for your team. It’s like having an extra trick up your sleeve that your enemies won’t see coming!

Do Not Miss Out on Anything in the Arena.

Keep your eyes peeled for hidden treasures like body armor, backpacks, and weapon upgrades to carry more stuff. The game helps you out by showing if something is better than what you already have so you won’t accidentally grab something you don’t need.

Moreover, stick to your team and tell each other where you find good stuff. The tagging system helps you see how rare items are so you can grab the best one! And don’t forget to loot defeated enemies! They droop goodies that could be game-changers. Always stay alert because even one piece of good armor could save your life.

In the end, as you embark on your journey in Apex Legends, remember to use the following tips and tricks to enhance your game experience as a beginner:

  • Stick with your squad
  • Use pings to communicate
  • Experiment with different legends to find your favorite
  • Practice shooting and moving
  • Learn the map and be aware of the ring

Hence, by following these tips, you can improve your skills and have more fun playing the New Apex Legends.