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Old Money Aesthetic

Do you have ever shuddered upon watching your screen time? Don’t worry, we all have been through this. We all are under the effect of the old money aesthetic trend which is trending lately on TikTok, Insta, and Reels. You must be spending your whole time learning about world events online, creating a community, and getting some nice clothing ideas. Accumulating several ideas you’ve got from the internet and whatever you pick from the guide, we’ll make up something for sure!

What is old money aesthetic in 2023 and from where it’s been walking, this guide covers all. So, let’s begin the show.

The Trending Old Money Aesthetic

The Trending Old Money Aesthetic

There are two reasons for attiring old money aesthetic. You want to look rich and you want to appear classy. And there is nothing bad in it! It’s the symbol of being Royal and wealthy and the style has broken the boundaries and made a place in everyone’s heart, circulating through the internet.

The old money aesthetic values quality over quantity and promotes well-tailored items made from expensive components that are lifetime. The old money aesthetic style embraces elegance, timelessness, and refinement. What do you think where this style comes from? Princess of Wales Kate Middleton, Queen Letizia of Spain, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Queen Rania of Jordan are the perfect examples of old money attire. But looking rich doesn’t mean you have to empty your bank account. There are several ways that you may acquire to wear old money replica style of these Royals.

Mastering Old Money Look for Boys

Mastering Old Money Look for Boys

Old money aesthetic makes you look stylish. Girls and boys, both can wear old money with affordable money, and boom, you’ll look a rich chick, simple, have a fast-fashion statement, be traditional over trendy, and get a lifestyle of quality. So, here are ways to master your old money look as well as check out the following fundamental elements of old money style.

Essential Wardrobe Pieces: Having a wardrobe doesn’t mean it must be full of customized and designer outfits. However, it must have elegant dress shirts, trendy shoes, well-fitting, high-quality fabric, and timelessly fashionable accessories, for example, a silk pocket rose or a vintage watch.

Classic Colours and Patterns: Both boys and girls are always choosy in picking colours. The colours that never go out of style are navy, white, off-white, skin, grey, and navy. The clothing pattern may include plaids, checks, and flecks.

Fit and Fabric: If you want to fit in the fabric, go for Egyptian cotton, genuine leather, and merino wool. These fabrics are long-lasting and make you look stylish at reasonable costs.

Subtle Branding: Do not ever fall prey to expensive branding when you choose old money vibe. Because the only purpose to choose this trendy style is to look good but in a traditional way. So, subtle brand and quality must be in priority. Check out the ideas for creating and mastering your old money aesthetic without breaking the bank:

Building Old Money Wardrobe

If you are just about to start, buy good quality shoes, an elegant suit, and fitted shirts. The secret behind the lower cost of old money aesthetic lies in the fact that you can go for thrift shopping. There, you can get the best quality suits but at a lower cost for a shorter time if you have an event. Some clothing ideas for men are below:

Loafers, Chino Pants, and Polo Shirts

Every man should be proficient at Layering clothing. A chic pair of loafers along with chino pants and a sweater look adorable. You should not wear socks when you are wearing loafers. Moreover, chino pants are a suitable fit for the old-money aesthetic. Avoid having very tight and slim-fitted pants, but you can wear either high-waisted or regular-waisted pants.

Solid or patterned, polo shirts are an ever-green style that never goes outdated. You can wear it with a slight tuck or completely into the pants. A slight logo or a small quote on the shirt gives good vibes and is a good example of an old-money aesthetic.


Men also need grooming to look good not once in a while, but you have to maintain it, too. Facial, good skincare routine, neat haircut, and of course good looking outfits, all these elements are necessary for grooming.


What if you wear captivating clothes and you are not able to face anyone, just because of a lack of confidence? All hard work that you put in wearing old money aesthetic. Your body language is the most important element in building the style. Graceful personality, basic etiquette, urge to know about the surroundings and whatnot! All these factors play a contributional role in making you confident.

Must-have Pieces for Girls

Just like boys, girls can also style old money aesthetics with multiple options and a small amount of money. There are plenty of options to style for a basic event or clubbing. Check out the ideas below:


You must have seen Princess Diana wearing several Royal outfits. One of these is wearing Blazers that never goes out of style. You can wear blazers along with short skirts or jeans. Both combos give amazing looks. For an aesthetic and vintage look, you must wear oversized blazers to give old money aesthetic look.

Riding Boots

Riding boots along with your vintage outfit is the perfect option for you. You can also go for regular boots but they don’t give as good appearance as riding boots. Lengthy boots with legs and a little heel give a classy and model look.

Tennis Whites

Tennis players wear white skirts – a trendy uniform. You can also wear this outfit along with a top, blazers, or anything you want to add. This is the perfect summer-old aesthetic outfit for girls. Beige, cream, grey, and white, all are old money aesthetic colours, giving a vintage look.

Old Money Celebrity Icons

Old Money Celebrity Icons

Have you ever stalked David Beckham or George Clooney? These two men masterfully portray the old money aesthetic, combining classic clothing with flawless grooming and noticeable charm to create an amazing look. You can also conduct their lives in keeping with this style if you are their fans or follow them.

David Beckham

Beckham is famous for his knack for elegantly combining old-money aesthetics with modern flair. Excellent tailoring, classic colours, beautiful dress shirts, and expertly crafted pockets and ties are some of the primary things that groom his personality. But Beckham’s sense of fashion goes beyond business attire. His casual outfits feature Chinos, polo shirts, and other accessories like leather wallets and vintage watches.

George Clooney

George Clooney frequently wears navy and charcoal-coloured outfits, giving pure old-money vibes. He wears polo shirts, dress shirts, goggles, a watch, and jeans. A little spice of confidence and grooming makes him look good and impressive to others.

Hence, old money aesthetic is not just a fashion, but a vibe. You can look good without investing too much money. Act smart and spend your money wisely. Old money is another form of Western dressing and it stands you among many people. Go for different vintage colours and do a catwalk.