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The Orange Maine Coon is everyone’s favorite and rare cat species. Its official color is red, but somehow, due to its different shades, it is named Orange or Marmalade. The cat comes in 5 colors – red classic tabby, red ticked tabby, solid red, red mackerel tabby, and red smoke. All these colors belong to the “red tabby,” so, in general, the cat community owners gave a solid color to the cat. These colors become more apparent as the cat grows.

Do you like fur in cats? Then this breed is right for you. Orange Maine Coon’s coat can be medium or long. It needs regular trimming and cropping to make your cat look beautiful. The color of their eyes is mesmerizing; the color can be emerald green, golden, or copper. Due to its coat color, sometimes, people get confused between ginger Main coon and orange Maine coon. But they are quite different even in the ways they behave!

The average height of Orange Maine Coon is 10-16 inches, and weighs about 11 to 18 pounds. Your favorite pet can live as long as ten to twenty years, depending on the diet, attention, and care you give. The cat is quite friendly and gets familiar with the owners ASAP. These cute cats are so adorable that you will never get confused while picking one to make them a pet. Especially your kids like them the most. So, what are you waiting for? Go & get one!

Everything About the Orange Maine Coon – History & Origin

Everything About the Orange Maine Coon

The Orange Main Coon is one of the oldest breeds in America. Many people tell different stories regarding its origin. It is considered that once a regular cat mated with a bobcat and Orange Maine Coon came into being. But it’s not authentic as much. This breed might have raccoon genes in it. More authenticity lies in the tale that some cats were brought from Europe to the cold environment area where they gave birth to this breed.

On the other hand, some thought this breed originated from Turkish Angora or forest cats of Siberia. Well, no story has proved to be true yet. But, still, this breed exists and is everyone’s favorite. Moreover, in the 1860s, the farmers arranged a competition in Maine, and the Orange Maine Coon won the crown for “Maine State Champion Coon Cat.”

Also, again, in 1895, there was the first North American cat Show where this breed participated in the exhibition. Being so adorable, the female little Maine coon – Cosey, owns the crown for looking best in the show. This is still the most memorable moment in the cat’s history when the silver trophy collar is still presented in Cat Fanciers’ Association’s offices.

Reasons for the Popularity of Orange Maine Coon

Reasons for the Popularity of Orange Maine Coon

In England, the colors of Orange Maine Coon were as similar in popularity as those of ‘Domestic Cats.’ These cats were so family-friendly and affectionate that soon, they became the apple of everyone’s eye. In every cat show, these cats were captivating for each visitor. But this breed lost popularity after some time when many other Persian species were brought from Europe. Hence, after 1911, very few Maine Coons participated in the next cat shows.

This intense situation led to the viral news of Maine Coons’ extinction in the early 1950s. But the Central Maine Cat Club had restored some species and soon published the first breed norm. According to this publication, the Orange Maine Coons are the permitted colors. And now, it’s been the most popular and lovable cat breed worldwide.

Price Tag for Maine Coons!

Unfortunately, Orange Maine Coons are not so cheap and demand a hefty amount to adopt them as a pet. You can buy this lovely breed for almost $500 to $1500. If your seller doesn’t have an Orange one, so you must either wait to get one or pay a down payment to reserve the little one for yourself. Following are the documents that you must check while purchasing a discounted Maine Coon:

  • Ancestry documents of Parent cats
  • The type of breeding registry that breeders have used as there are only a few
  • Past customers’ references
  • You should meet the parents of Maine Coon
  • Full Hygiene and Health check for both parents & kids

Fun Facts About Orange Maine Coon

Fun Facts About Orange Maine Coon

There are some facts about Maine Coon Cats that distinguish them from all cats in the world. These are as follows:
Almost all Orange Maine Coon cats are males, and only one out of 5 will be female

  • Maine Coon cats are hydrophilic and love to play in ponds and swimming pools
  • These cats are generally described as red
  • A thick fur along with giant paws help them to be protected from severe cold in winter
  • Beautiful freckles around their lips, nose, and their eyes enhance their beauty
  • Males are heavier in weight than females
  • Maine Coons are considered to be the dogs of the cat community due to their human affection, walk-going habit, and ability to learn quickly

Things to Consider While Keeping Maine Coon Cats

Things to Consider While Keeping Maine Coon Cats

Choosing the Maine Coon cats has never been a quick decision for everyone. A lot of things are required that you must know before owning one. Firstly, always try to contact a genuine breeder who can answer your questions happily about the breed and is serious about taking care of Orange Maine Coon Kitten. Here are further things that you should know about this breed as follows:


This breed is highly capable of learning everything quickly & easily. In the beginning, you have to take these cats to walk with a collar and leash, but soon, they know where and how to walk, where to stay, and where to sit. You can also use some little tricks and pointers to train them for a specific task you want them to do, for instance, picking up the food, forbidding an unwanted activity, or anything else!

Diet Requirements

A high-protein diet is a must to maintain the activeness of these cats. Fresh meat for them should be a priority, and try to avoid preservatives or artificial flavors. The most important thing in the diet of these cats is their meal. Give them whatever they like and eat happily. Moreover, they are already heavy, so try to protect them from becoming obese.

Grooming & Maintenance

The long fur of cats needs regular trimming at least once or twice a week. The outdoor activities’ player cats need more care and attention. The weak point of owning these cats is that their hair is shed frequently, and there is much need to clean your home to get rid of their lost hair often.


Being hyperactive, Maine Coon Cats love to play outside and exercise in their way. Bring different types of toys to let these cats play indoors if they want to. Engaging in other plays and exercises is necessary to avoid putting too much weight. Add several sports like scratching posts, cat condos, cat hammocks, and shelves to make their indoor activities more interesting.

Summing it up, Maine Coon Cats are lovable with cute fluffy hairs. Due to their enjoyable, playful characteristics, they are very popular. As they are likely to suffer health issues, including obesity, it is compulsory to take them to a specialist so that he may analyze and treat them for better health. Also, it will never be hectic owning a Maine Coon cat as it knows how to live and eat once you train them. So, have one!