Unveiling Pepe Coin: A New Era in Cryptocurrency


There’s been a big buzz around PePe Coin in the world of Cryptocurrency since April 2023. It is a frog-themed token based on the famous PePe the Frog meme by Matt Furie. The meme was first used in Matt Furie’s cartoon “Boy’s Club” in 2005. There are many other coin memes like Shiba Inu & Dogecoin, but it stands out for some reasons – a clear way of redistributing funds, a deflationary system, no clear use, and no taxes.

With its gaining popularity, many people want to invest in it because it’s growing fast. Not surprisingly, it has now attracted over $500 million in investments. But if you are new to Cryptocurrency, buying a new token like PePe Coin might feel overwhelming. That’s why we have compiled a guide for beginners to learn everything you need to know about getting it. So, shall we start?

Pepe Coin Explained

As we have seen, Pepe Coin gained popularity in 2023. Moreover, it is that platform that was not affected by the Corona pandemic or any other economic factor. BUT!! It doesn’t give you any real benefits. Even the PEPE website says that it’s just fun and has no concern with giving money to the people who own it. Still, it became one of the most popular tokens in April, and in less than a month, its market value reached over $1 billion.

Then what’s the purpose of Pepe Coin, and what do people do with it? Is it worth it? The fact is that its only purpose is to gain popularity like other cryptocurrency tokens. Similar to other coins, its value also goes up and down. Right now, its market value is $3.5 billion. To sum it up, people use it to make bigger investments in Cryptocurrency. So, if you want to invest, you must know about Cryptocurrency.

Price History of PePe Coin

Pepe Coin

Unlike many cryptocurrency tokens, Pepe coins didn’t have much value. It went straight to cryptocurrency exchanges instead of Initial Exchange Offering – IEO. Moreover, when it was first launched, the $PEPE was very low, at $0.000000001 per token. Its market value started increasing in April 2023, and by May 2023, its price became 0.00000431 per token. This means that about a 430,000% increase happened that year. Currently, there are about 420.69 trillion Pepe tokens.

From May to September, its market value had continuous troughs and crests. However, when the rest of the cryptocurrency market got better because of good news about Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), Pepe did well too. It had a strong performance leading into 2024. And now, it has become the third-largest meme coin. Its market value goes up because Binance starts supporting it. On 4th March 2024, its all-time high market value went up to $0.000008185.

Steps to Buy a Pepe Coin

Just like your regular wallet holds your cash, a digital wallet keeps your cryptocurrencies safe. With Pepe, you can store, sell, buy, and swap coins using a trusted wallet. It’s like your digital bank! Let’s talk about how you can buy a pepe coin. The following are easy-peasy lemon squeezy steps to do this task. So, let’s read!

Get a Wallet

As we’ve talked earlier, a trust wallet is your digital bank. So, start by getting yourself a crypto wallet. Metamask can be the best option for this sake. You can download it free from the App Store or any Google Pay. Head to metamask.io to download the Google Chrome extension if you use a desktop computer. Once you’ve got it, create your account.


So, are you finally ready to dive into the world of $PEPE? First, you’ll need some ETH (Ethereum) in your wallet. There are different ways of getting it, as follows:

  • Transfer it from another wallet
  • Buy directly on Metamask
  • Purchase it on another exchange and send it to your wallet

Get Uniswap

Ready to start trading Pepe coin? Here’s how to do it:

  • After getting a Uniswap, connect it to your wallet by using the website or the browser inside your Metamask app
  • You will be given a token address, copy and paste it into Unsiswap
  • Once you are done with the above step, verify and select Pepe coin
  • When prompted by Metamask for a wallet signature, go ahead and sign

Remember, there are many other coins with the same name, like Baby Pepe, so double-check before you make any transactions. Happy Trading!

Exchange Your Ethereum for $PEPE.

It’s super easy! Just swap your Ethereum with Pepe coins with a few simple clicks. First, enter the amount of ETH you want to exchange, and it’ll show you how much Pepe you’ll get. Then, click “Swap” and follow the instructions to sign the transaction on your wallet.

Approve the Transaction

Now, the next step is to approve the transaction. It’ll only take a few seconds for the transaction to be approved on the blockchain network. And voila! Your Pepe Coin will magically appear in your wallet!

Keep an Eye on Transaction Details

Before you finalize everything, make sure to double-check the transaction details. While its developers haven’t added extra taxes, you’ll still need to cover the gas fees since it’s an ERC 20 token.

Buy a Pepe Coin on Centralized Exchanges

Pepe Coin

It is growing fast and has made its way into the top 100 cryptocurrencies. Many big crypto exchanges like Binance, Huobi, Mexc, Poloniex, OKX, and more have added Pepe Coin to their platforms. Now, if you want to buy it on any of these exchanges, the process is pretty similar:

Create an Account

Start by signing up for an account on a centralized exchange with Pepe Coin. You can choose from popular exchanges like OKX or Huobi. When you sign up, you must provide personal details and verify your account with proof of valid ID. Remember to complete the KYC process if it’s required.

Get Your Account Ready for Action

After logging in or signing in, it’s time to add funds to your exchange account. It’s your choice – whether to choose Cryptocurrency or regular money. There are several methods to accept payment:

  • Bank transfers
  • Credit or debit cards
  • Transfer crypto from other wallets

Choose Your Trading Pair

Find the Pepe Coin trading pair. It’s usually listed as “PEPE/USDT, “meaning you can trade PepeCoin for USDT, a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. But you can pick a different trading pair with another cryptocurrency in your account if you prefer.

Get Pepe Coin Now

After you’ve added funds to your account, it’s time to get your hands on some coins. You can do this by making a market order, where your purchase happens instantly at the current market price, or by using a limit order, where your purchase only goes through if the price hits a specific level you set.

Store Pepe Coin

Once your order is complete, your Coin will be added to your exchange account. But keeping your Coins in a hardware wallet that you control is safer than leaving them on the exchange.

Ready to turn your jokes into profit? Now that you’ve learned how to buy Coin, you can jump on the $Pepe train and see your laughs transform into money! Choose any of the methods mentioned above to buy a pipe coin and enjoy the excitement of Cryptocurrency. Just remember, as the price of Pepe Coin keeps soaring, it’s wise to consider managing your risks before diving into the world of meme coins. Moreover, It works part-time for entertainment purposes.