Ruby Falls-A Hidden Miracle and An Amazing View of Nature

Ruby Falls

You might have seen a lot of caves in any part of the world, but the United States holds countless caves, of which only the Lookout Mountain Cave is open to people. It’s the only opportunity to experience an underground cave with a lot more adventures, too. Ruby Falls also lies here, a rare model of underground waterfalls. Not only the waterfall, there are so many other exploring activities that are not the things to miss!

Ruby Falls is an underground stream waterfall of 145 feet/44 m in the United States. It is the tallest and the deepest waterfall. You can avail of a Lantern tour, a Cavern experience tour, and a guide to the deepest waterfalls. History lovers can also take notes from historical stories of the geographical formation of this ancient land.

From Lookout Mountain tower, you can enjoy Tennessee Valley sight, breathtaking view of the Cumberland Plateau, and the Tennessee River. You have to descend 26 stories down with the help of an elevator to reach the Cavern. After getting to the cave, walk to the Ruby Falls deep inside the cave. You can also enjoy the thundering waterfall light show, which gives an eye-catching view at night.

Ruby Falls offers a variety of fresh discoveries every day! It is considered to be the first source of the most sustainable environment. Green Globe has gotten a certificate for being an environment-friendly tourism attraction. The crowd always awaits the adventures, so save time to have tickets and enjoy the view.

Discovery of Ruby Falls

Discovery of Ruby Falls

In the 1920s, a chemist, Leo Lambert, decided to reopen the Lookout Mountain Cave after so many years of its closing. He wanted to make it a tourist attraction and assembled a team to do this task. He decided to expand the opening underground, which people would reach via elevator. In 1928, while drilling through the Limestone, he accidentally discovered the outstanding waterfalls in Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee – United States.

He took his wife to the site and named it after his wife, Ruby. The area became public in 1929 when people started capturing this captivating view with their eyes. Today, many events and adventures occur here; you can enjoy the zipline and the amazing sight of the Cumberland Plateau.

Everything About Lookout Mountain Cave Walk Tour

The walking tour is the most famous tour of Lookout Mountain. Going down via elevator to the 260 feet depth is like going inside the rock. Here, you can easily catch the nature formation and analyze how beautifully God creates things to please us! While walking, you can get everything you must know about Cavern history. The passage has a narrower ceiling, so you can’t take wheelchairs and strollers for your grandparents or kids.

As the trip is one mile round, it can take an hour or more to complete the whole tour. It also depends on the day and the crowd on different days. Not only this, Ruby Falls offers a more in-depth tour of the caves – Specialty Tours & a Gentle Walking Tour.

The Ruby Falls Waterfalls

The Ruby Falls Waterfalls

As discussed earlier, waterfalls are the main part of this tour. The dancing of lightened water gives pleasure to the eyes. The tourist can enjoy this sight from behind the falls. When you see from the top, it looks like a storm of crystals falling from the sky. Sometimes, people visit here only to see waterfalls instead of other adventures.

The Zipline Adventure of Ruby Falls

The Zipline adventure is another best thing to do! It is seasonal, and you can’t take it every day in winter. You can fly up to 40-foot high towers, depending on the difficulty. You can take a zipline 700 feet above and pass through the top of the trees. While doing this adventure, you can capture the Tennessee Valley, which gives the views that are worth it!

A kid under ten can ride it with parents or guardians. You have to wear closed shoes while riding the zipline. Your weight should range from 60-275 lbs to avail of zipline, while your weight should be 25-275 lbs for climbing the tower. In summer, the zipline is available daily, while from August to November, you can ride on weekends only.

Ruby Falls Tickets

The tickets for this waterfall adventure cost $21.95 per head for adults. For kids, it costs $13.95. You can get your tickets online or from the gift store at the mountain. Moreover, every adventure here is paid for, and you must buy tickets first to enjoy it. It is open from 8 AM to 8 PM daily. But it is closed on Christmas Day.

Things To Do At Ruby Falls

Whatever the temperature is outside, the cave experiences a lower temperature as no sun comes in. Here, the temperature is about 60 degrees. So, there is always a need to wear a sweater or jacket here, hence, don’t forget to bring one. The most important thing is that there is no place to rest underground & there is no bathroom to use. So, try to get free outside and be relaxed before going inside.

Although there are a lot more adventures other than Ruby Falls. So, it is quite common that you must try others too! But the thing is that it is time to take an adventure to Chattanooga. So, try to schedule your exploration and decide what to do first. Moreover, take your toddlers while carrying them in front, as you can’t take the stroller away. And you can’t hold your baby with one hand and go hiking with the other. So, it’s advisable to do it while going inside.

You can rest here in the Chattanooga Hotel for a night’s stay. The other worthy adventures are the Aquarium, Rock City, waterfalls, Weekend Gateways, Segway Tour to the Downtown Chatt, Haunted City (for adults only), the Train Ride, and more. The adventure doesn’t end here; it’s a long way, and you can’t stop going everywhere in Chattanooga.

In short, the tallest Ruby Falls is a miracle of God, and people visiting here are God’s favorite children. Because this is the view that you can’t experience anywhere else in the world. Take notes while following the tips mentioned earlier, and your tour will be worth it!