Semicolon Tattoo – A Meaningful Ink and Unveiling its Symbol

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Are you in search of the meaning of a teeny tiny semicolon tattoo? Have you ever been through stress, anxiety, or depression? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Anxiety is so common in today’s generation. So, there must be the right ways to deal with it. A movement started a few years back for the same purpose. Hence, there is nothing wrong with overcoming the issue in creative ways.

Semicolon tattoo holds vast meaning, just like its work in grammar as a punctuation mark. When you get this as a tattoo, it conveys the message of being hopeful, courageous, and strong in your life. It’s not good to lose hope when you lose something, even if you are on the verge of losing your life. Hence, believing in its meaning, you can get this tattoo.

History of Semicolon Tattoo

When we talk about the history of semicolon tattoos, we know it frequently includes controversies and misinterpretations. Wait! We have used semicolons for decades in our notes, speeches, books, and articles. But as a tattoo, it has just lately become more fashionable. So why does the semicolon have such a fan following as a tattoo? Could you have a look at its vast reasons?

When we use a semicolon in any sentence, we indicate that the sentence still needs to be completed. Hence, a semicolon is to tell emotion or suspense, and so is the tattoo. You can use a semicolon tattoo to show a spark of hope in your life. It means to take some rest from the hardships of your life, and there is hope that there is something to look forward to. Its history is closely related to patients suffering from mental health problems and having suicidal thoughts.

In 2013, Amy Bleuel started this project to create awareness among patients of depression and ways to deal with it. He started this project after his father’s suicide due to his unstable mental health. Hence, those who were in intense depression quickly got the point and started using the semicolon on their wrists, hands, and other body parts as a tattoo. So, they tried to show that life can not be ended; we can continue it with a little hope and strength.

In 2017, Amy Bleuel died, but his movement has become a global project. It doesn’t represent personal struggles only but indicates that everyone has a Behind The Scenes in his life. Hence, this movement suggests you keep going and support your pals and family members in times of distress and hardship. It also indicates that you are not alone in the journey of your hard time.

Meaning of Semicolon Tattoo


As we talk earlier about its meaning, it deeply conveys the message of hope, courage, and strength. Not all people have a smooth life! Everyone faces ups and downs, and sometimes, the downs overflow in our lives, and we get deep into depression and stress. Hence, once someone aware you about how to get rid of it, you can use this tattoo to remind yourself to be hopeful, whatever life gives you.

Moreover, you can also use a semicolon tattoo to honor your friend or colleague who is stressed. The conversation starts when someone asks you about the purpose of a tattoo, and you can tell the whole story, and this circle continues to generate awareness. Hence, among so many tattoo ideas, a semicolon tattoo can be the better option for you!

Semicolon Tattoo Inspiration

You can have a semicolon tattoo on your body parts with many customized ideas. It’s not necessary to have only the punctuation mark; you can have mini designs along with it. The main advantage of acquiring this idea is that people may ask you about the tiny punctuation mark inside the mini format. So you can better talk about it! Let’s talk about the multiple choices of having it below:

Teeny Tiny Semicolon Tattoo

Teeny Tiny Semicolon Tattoo

If you are less than a tattoo lover to ink your whole body with lots and lots of tattoos and you don’t want bigger tattoos, then this can be the best choice for you. You can have the tiny semicolon mark on your wrist, between fingers, hands, or any other body part; it’ll look adorable.

Hearty Semicolon

What about putting the heart in place of the dot in the semicolon (;)? It shows affection, attachment, and love for your loved ones. It means you are concerned about what your loved ones are going through. Also, you can do matching and share your love this way.

Cat Semicolon Tattoo

Hearty Semicolon

Are you a cat lover and have pets in your house? If yes, then getting this design can always be a good option for you. Ask the tattoo maker to make a cat in place of the dot of the semicolon to give it an adorable look. Moreover, depending on what animal lover you are, you can use other pet options too.

Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly semicolons Tattoo

You can use semicolons in Butterfly in several ways. Butterflies can also come in different styles and ideas, like colored butterflies right above semicolons or linework butterflies with added semicolons.

Watercolour semicolon

Watercolour semicolon

Artists and art lovers can not find anything better than this option. Adding a splash of colors to your semicolon enhances the beauty of the tattoo. This idea advises you to fill up your life with colors and live to the fullest.

Text Along with Semicolon

Text Along with Semicolon

Add some aesthetic vibes to the text, whatever you want to ink on your body. You can use the text with a semicolon, like Survivor, Fight, life, and more. The text will resonate with the semicolon and will add some extra meaning to it.

Hence, whatever the personal issue everyone suffers, its general message is courage and hope. Life doesn’t end when you are stressed, anxious, or while you are having panic attacks. There is something better than whatever you lost. So, have faith in your destiny and wait for better days because “The best is yet to come!”