Snake Eyes Piercing – the Unique Tongue Piercing Trend

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Are you considering getting a trendy new piercing? Are you on the verge of choosing one design above all? Wait, we have The Best option for you! Have you ever listened to anything about snake eyes piercing? Whatever your answer is, we have brought something for you that can turn out “everything” you must know about this hot trend. But still, it’s difficult to find solid answers given all the hype.

Snake Eyes Piercing is one of the newest and trendiest tongue piercings. It offers you a distinct style that is just as lively and eccentric as you are. You can get this piercing easily and definitely, it’s not hard to explain what it is. It is an easy procedure that is not risky, uncomfortable, or costly.

You might be thinking about its healing process, right? There is nothing to be worried about. The healing process of snake eye piercing is not too problematic with the proper piercer as well as appropriate aftercare. You need to go no further if you are looking for an extensive guide on snake eye piercing. Check out all the pain points you must know about this piercing before actually having it.

Snake Eye Piercing and its Popularity

Symbolism of Snake Eye Piercing

There is no doubt piercing comes with a lot of options to pick. It is an art that your body accepts in any way. Ear and nose piercings have been very common among girls as well as boys so far. Moreover, oral piercing has also become a trend among each gender. Hence, snake eye piercing comes when we talk about oral piercing.

Snake eye piercing is not conventional. You get this piercing at the tip of your tongue that resembles the snake’s eyes. With the increasing popularity of other piercing types, this piercing has also become a craze among many people, because tongue piercing has been a fashion for many years. Moreover, tongue piercings are as distinctive and obstinate as they ever were.

The reason behind its popularity is the support that people give to this trendy fashion. Hence, the number of people getting it is increasing day by day. In addition, tongue piercing offered only studs and rings inculcated in the tongue. And of course, that stud used to be the king of that time. But now, people are experimenting with varieties of oral piercing and snake eye piercing is a distinctive fashion trend that is sweeping the globe.

Materials Used for Piercing

Popular Jewelry Styles of Piercing

The Association of Professional Piercers (APP) suggests using jewelry for piercing made of Gold, safe plastics, and metals. The metals must be approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials Standards (ASTM) and the International Standards Organization (ISO). Moreover, your tongue piercing is inside your mouth and will touch your teeth and gums. Eating and drinking can also wear it down over time.

Try to choose those materials that have the least harm on the inner side of the mouth. In this case, surgical steel can be the best option which is specifically used to reduce infections or any other type of problems. Also, it is an affordable choice. Do not go for alloys like Nickel because they can slow down the healing process and can cause allergic reactions. Moreover, using bad materials can cause your body to reject your piercing.

Here is a list of materials and jewelry types that you can pick to have a piercing below:

14-karat or Higher Gold

Gold can be your fancy choice to get a tongue piercing, but there’s more to think about than just the cost. Interestingly, gold has been used for tooth fillings and implants for a longer period because of two reasons – clean & sterile. Do not worry about any type of reaction as gold doesn’t cause any infection, instead, it will look nice as gold can be of any karat, and all karats can’t function the same. Moreover, there are alloys of gold that can cause allergy. So, go for 14 Karats at least.

Hence, the higher the gold quantity is, the purer and safer the gold is. But remember that if you choose 24K gold then it will blend easily due to its softness, which is quite bad for your mouth.

Surgical Steel

You must choose surgical steel that should meet the following standards:

  • ISO 5832-1
  • ISO 10993-6,10, or 11
  • ASTM F-138

Moreover, sometimes surgical stainless steel also has a small quantity of nickel in it which can cause allergic reactions in case you are nickel-allergic.


Choose titanium which must meet the following standards:

  • ASTM F-136
  • ISO 5832-3
  • ASTM-136

Titanium is usually nickel-free so you can go for this option if you are allergic to nickel.


Another lightweight material to consider is Niobium. It is unlikely to cause allergies as it comes in different beautiful colors so it can be everyone’s choice. But it is quite expensive and is specifically not used for piercing.

Safe and Biocompatible Plastics

If you are going to have a piercing for the very first time, then Tygon & Bioplasts can be the worth shout options. They cause fewer reactions to teeth and gums. Moreover, using these can reduce the birth of bacteria inside your mouth. Isn’t it worth it?

But still, always check out the variable materials that lie within your budget. Analyze which one is both safe and awesome for you.

Procedure to Get a Piercing

Now it’s time to be specific about the procedure of getting snake eyes pierced. Yes, it is easy to get it, but the procedure is quite different from other oral piercings. Because other piercings used to be vertical and in this procedure, the piercing is at the very tip of the tongue. Also to get the similarity of snake eyes, you must leave that studs far behind because these can ruin your look. Check out the following steps involved in giving an oral piercing:

  • Firstly, the piercer will give you a mouthwash to kill germs
  • The piercer will draw dots on the exact piercing positions with a marker
  • He will hold your tongue with clamps to pass the needle through the dots
  • In the next step, he will insert the sterilized needle from the bottom of your tongue and push a barbell through it. He will screw on the ball at the end
  • The above step is repeated on the other side of the tongue, too
  • Lastly, you can rinse your mouth again and the piercer will clean the blood and the wound

However, the jewelry used for the snake eye piercing is a curved barbell. Also, it goes through the tip of your tongue. The barbell used stays inside the piercing and it is not usually visible. It is sometimes considered as a surface piercing as it is horizontal and the bar is shallow. Hence, it is the simplest piercing of all.

Pain and Healing While Having Piercing

The needle causes pain and this time it is being used on the tongue. But the piercer does piercing so fast that the actual pain reduces to a lower level. Like you’ll feel only 3% pain while having it. Apart from piercing pain, the handle or clamp used to hold your tongue causes more pain. So, you have to bear it for a while. It will take about three weeks to two months to heal this oral piercing. A proper aftercare is needed to avoid any infections.

Risks After Getting Piercing

Potential Snake Eye Piercing Risks

Some risks may arise after you are done with the piercing because the piercing is right at the tongue tip which is very close to your teeth and gums. The interesting fact about snake eye piercing is that many piercers will first deny doing it as there are more chances of infections and risks than any other type of piercing. Risks may include soreness, tongue rubbing against teeth, and bleeding in severe cases. Let’s have a detailed look at these possible risks one by one below:

Infection Caused by Snake Eyes Piercing

As we have talked earlier this piercing causes more infections because our mouth holds more bacteria than any other site of our body. Infection means puss coming out of your piercing along with redness.

Swelling Caused by Snake Eyes Piercing

When your piercing gets infected it causes swelling. In this case, your tongue may get redness, especially around the piercing. Even breathing becomes difficult when severe infection occurs due to piercing.

Rejection by Your Body

Sometimes, your body isn’t ready to accept any foreign invasion, it doesn’t matter what type of invasion it is. The sign that your body isn’t accepting your piercing is that the piercing starts moving closer to the surface of your tongue. Moreover, the holes of the piercing soon become bigger which is not a good sign and a waste of money. In this case, the jewelry used for piercing may get loose and you accidentally swallow it which causes other issues. You should go to your piercer to know what to do next before taking any medications.

Hence, there is a need to do aftercare to avoid severe infections. Tongue eye piercing is a fashion that people wear but sometimes it can affect your speaking style and can cause difficulty in eating. Infection doesn’t mean it happens only immediately after the piercing, there are always its chances during eating (depending on what type of food you eat), speaking, breathing, or even during rest position.

Moreover, try not to take any stress or trauma when you are done with the piercing because stress can slow the healing process which can further cause many problems. It would be best if you contacted the professional piercer and followed whatever he said. By doing so, you can minimize the chances of encountering any issues.

Aftercare for Piercing

You need to take good care of your piercing to reduce problems. There is a checklist of do’s and don’t you must follow during the healing process:


You must do the following steps when you are at the aftercare stage:

  • Take soft meals during the early few days
  • Always rinse your mouth with mouthwash or salt water after having a meal
  • Do not talk too much and give your tongue some rest
  • Brush your teeth twice a day to reduce the number of bacteria
  • If you want to fix your piercing touch it with clean hands
  • Use ice cubes or cold water to reduce swelling
  • You can reduce swelling by lifting your head slightly up on a pillow while laying
  • If the pain increases, take naproxen or ibuprofen


You must not do the following activities after having the piercing:

  • Do not share your utensils
  • Do not chew gum which may enhance the number of bacteria
  • Do not take off the jewelry before you are properly healed
  • Do not move your tongue unnecessarily
  • Do not touch your piercing studs unnecessarily
  • Do not involve yourself in any type of rough sports activity

So, all these steps are a must-follow because it’s a matter of your face shape and mouth infection. If you have this piercing, do not ignore its aftercare.

Pros and Cons of Getting Snake Eyes Piercing

Getting a Snake Eye piercing has always been a plus as well as a minus point. Let’s have a look at the bright sides below:

  • It’s not as painful as other piercings
  • It is unique and stands out
  • You can easily conceal it if you do not want to make it visible
  • It gives you a cool appearance

The dark sides of getting a tongue piercing are below:

  • You have to be specific about eating foods and sometimes you have to skip your favorite food
  • There are chances of infections in your mouth, tongue, teeth, and gums

Cost of Snake Eyes Piercing

In the world of body art, the cost of Snake Eyes piercing may vary. You pay between $40 to $100 for a typical piercing but some factors determine what the cost will be. For example:

  • The famous professional piercer will charge $100 for his activity and a cheap piercer will charge at least $35 to $40. But also remember that a professional piercer can provide activities in a better way than a non-professional piercer.
  • Also, quality declines with the decline in money. So, for better jewelry, quality, nice procedure, and peace of mind, a hefty amount is required.
  • Moreover, the quality of the material used can also come with variable charges. For instance, steel ($60) is cheaper than gold ($100) and niobium. Some people prefer expensive materials but it shouldn’t be the criteria to choose a material. You must go for clean and safe materials.

Hence, snake eye piercing provides you with a unique and edgy style if you want a distinctive tongue piercing. While it presents many advantages – being aesthetic & low pain, there are also notable considerations to bear in mind. Prioritizing proper care is essential in ensuring a safe and satisfying piercing experience.