South Padre Island – 10 Things To Do

south padre island

South Padre Island is in Texas, Cameron County, in the United States. It is a Resort Town, a part of the Harlingen Metropolitan statistical area of Brownsville. According to a 2020 survey, its population was only 2066, which has increased. If you want to reach here from Port Isabel, Queen Isabella Causeway is the only way. The Island acts like a barrier along the Texas Gulf Coast.

The name of South Padre Island came after an immigrant and priest – Jose Nicolas Balli (Padre Balli). Present on the sandy beach of America, what makes it a tourist spot is the summer and spring seasons, offering tourists many things to watch & enjoy. For example, Bay Fishing, open-water fishing, Parasailing, Snorkeling, and Horse Riding. The good news is that no passport is required to reach here.

You can avail tasty cuisine, bars on the beach sides, luxury accommodations, and many other facilities. You can find hotels and other refreshing sites in the southern part of the lovely South Padre Island. Across the Gulf Coast, there is a magnificent Occeansite. While taking in a cool breeze, drift away your worries and enjoy the sunshine, chow down on delicious food, and have some beverages.

Damage and Recreation

Hurricane Beulah destroyed the town of South Padre Island in 1967. Not only this, but many other damages occurred due to many storms. But after these damages, it was rebuilt to maintain its attraction. Hence, after rebuilding, it was made this way that it attracted many tourists and soon became a massive tourist attraction for many visitors. People loved parasailing and watching dolphins the most. With time, it gets a lot of attention for spring break parties.

Climate at South Padre Island

Climate at South Padre Island

It is quite hot in summer, with an average peak temperature of 32 degrees Celsius and a low temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. This hot temperature goes on long. During winter, the highest average temperature is usually 20 degrees Celsius, and the lowest is 11 degrees Celsius. Between summer and winter, the spring season is the best to do outdoor activities here. So, people love to spend their spring breaks while partying here.

Here, the rainfall is expected from June to September. It is highest in summer and autumn, and the Island receives 2 to 6 inches of rain monthly. You can enjoy it here in March when the Island is a resort for many tourists.

Things To Do in South Padre Island

Things To Do in South Padre Island

Beach people know what to do and how to settle on the beach and Island. Here are some tips and the things that you should do when you go to the amazing South Padre Island so that everything can be noticed.

Visit the Beach

There are several beaches in the Gulf on Padre Island, and each has a lot of attractions. Walking around the Gulf Coast, you’ll feel a smooth touch of waves of sand. Don’t worry about water here; it’s not salty or unfit for other uses. The shallow and clean water of the Island is fit for you and your family. The fun fact is that there are more than twenty entries to reach the beaches in SPI. Many of the entry gates offer free parking too.

Take a Paddleboard

You can rent a paddleboard as it is the best and the most popular activity to do in water. Take one from SPI Sessions Watersports or Parrot Eyes; these two spots offer paddleboards to rent. You can easily enjoy it for two or more hours in the Laguna. Along with paddle boarding, you should take Kiteboarding with Air Padre, too. But, there is a need to use more physical strength in kiteboarding than in paddle boarding.


People who love fishing find the water area their favorite spot as they have reached their paradise. Fishing is a soul-soothing activity for fishermen as it has its fun. You can hunt grouper, tarpon, and snapper here. If you are an expert angler and want to do something big, it’s the right time! Some charter enterprises like “SPI Fish Killer” will take you to the shore for a big fishing game. Feel lucky if you successfully catch a Swordfish, a Blue Marlin, or a Mako Shark.

Do Horseback Riding

Horse riding is fun. You can do this morning activity in Island Adventure Park, not in the town. So you have to reach South Padre Road 100 first to do horse riding, which is surrounded by dunes on both sides. Do not worry about the time, as you can ride a horse for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Hence, you have enough time to enjoy and explore the calm beach riding through the sand.

This is the type of adventure that the kids of 6 years and above can do, too. No experience is required as there are guides to select a suitable horse for you that will lead you along the beach. Moreover, many horses are available for a whole family too. Hence, this is a must-to-do activity for sure!

Watch & Learn About the Turtles

Sea Turtles Inc. saves turtles, gives care to the injured ones, rescues them from big losses, and releases them to the sea after all care. It also protects the eggs of the turtles for a good hatching environment. Hence, there is a chance to see a variety of turtles and learn about them from the guides here.


Parasailing is the best option to watch Laguna and South Padre from the top. There are a lot of options for parasailing, of which tandem parasailing is the best. It offers a lot of entertainment and adventure to people of every age.

Scoot Coupe Drive

Driving on a scooter coupe can be your next option if you are tired and can no longer walk. These tiny cars take you through the whole of South Padre Island, which you can easily explore. But a driver’s license is required to drive on your personal car or rental scoot coupes.

Catch the Birds’ View

Near the SPI convention center, there is Laguna Madre Nature, where you can stay and watch the crew of beautiful birds. It is a 1500-foot bridge & boardwalk where you can walk all along to have a beautiful view.

Dolphin Watching Cruise

On the beach of South Padre Island, you’ll see different dolphins at the Dolphin Watching cruise area. So, once you enter here, you don’t have to go far to catch the view.

Watch Fireworks

During summer, at Louie’s Backyard, there are fireworks at night, 9 PM. You can have your meal along with the beautiful view of fireworks. The restaurant is famous for its seafood buffet, and the site adds more fun when the music plays at night with the rhythms of fireworks.

Hence, South Padre Island is the best tourist place for beach people. Apart from soaking in the sun’s rays, there are other endless things that you can do to make your day memorable on the Island. You’ll love doing different adventures also; you can get information on every ride and experience from the particular guides assigned. Enjoy your vacations in SPI!